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Episode Episode 7: “The Blue Stone of Vallarge”
Alias Magnetic Force Monster
Emergence Desert in the Middle East near Vallarge
Height 40 m (131.2 ft)
Weight 20,000 t (44,090,000 lb)
Homeplace Unknown
Features Magnetic force ray
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Teruo Aragaki

Antlar is a wildly strong monster.

It has an appearance like the combination of a Japanese unicorn beetle and stag beetle which are traditionally extremely popular among boys in Japan. (See bottom for pictures)

And at the same time it also has a habit like an ant lion.

Antlar dwells in a desert of the Middle East digging a pit to make passing airplanes fall into it by emitting a rainbow-colored magnetic force ray from between the antlers.

Chatam and statue of God of Noa

The SSSP members who went in action found the legendary town of Vallarge (fictional town) in the desert.

In the shrine of Vallarge, a statue called God of Noa was enshrined with a blue stone held in the hand.

Surprisingly the statue looked just like Ultraman (without Color Timer).

An oracle-like woman with psychic ability named Chatam showed the statue to the SSSP members.

She explained the blue stone had kept Antlar away from Vallarge from remote ages.

Speceum Beam has no effect on Antlar

While the SSSP members imagine an ancestral Ultraman defended humans 5000 years ago as well, Antlar raids Vallarge.

Antlar is so outrageously strong that Ultraman’s Spaceum Beam doesn’t work on it.

Chatam received a message from Ultraman by telepathy to throw the blue stone at Antlar.

The monster was eventually defeated in explosion by the stone thrown at it by Cap. Muramatsu. (What a nice pitch!)

You might think the name Antlar is just as it looks.

But it’s also explained the production crew named it putting ant and laa together to make it sound like a monster’s name (like Godzilla).



Episode Episode 6: “The Coast Guard Command”
Alias Marine Beast
Emergence Tokyo Bay
Height 60 m (196.9 ft)
Weight 10,000 t (22,050,000 lb)
Homeplace South America
Features Deadly poison of the spines
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Teruo Aragaki

In the settings Guesra was originally a lizard dwelling in South America which feeds on cacao beans.

According to the explanation by one of the characters in the drama, it was possibly brought to Japan together with cacao beans on a ship.

And it’s assumed it mutated into a monster in the polluted water of Tokyo Bay.

It’s a gentle and useful lizard to get rid of bugs feeding on cacao beans naturally.


But it has severely poisonous spines all over the body which could kill even a jaguar if the lizard should lose its temper.

And it has a habit of getting mad with loud noises.

Monsterized Guesra attacked ships carrying cacao in Tokyo Bay.

Attracted to the smell of cacao beans in storage, Guesra landed on the waterfront.


The shooting sounds of pistols shot by gangs headed by their boss named Diamond Kick smuggling jewelry made it violent.

Ultraman was forced to struggled to fight against Guesra due to its poisonous spines.

He tore its fin (described as an antenna in the drama), Guesra’s weak point, from the monster finally.

Weakened Guesra disappeared in the water.



Episode Episode 5: “Secret of the Miloganda”
Alias Mysterious Plant
Emergence Marunouchi, Tokyo
Height 2 m (6.6 ft) – 40 m (131.2 ft)
Weight 10 t (22,050 lb) – 20,000 t (44,090,000 lb)
Homeplace Oiris Island
Features Anesthetic mist
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Toho Special Art
Actor Haruyoshi Nakamura

Green Monse (described just as monster in the drama) is a plant monster/monster plant.

In the drama, Green Monse was originally a carnivorous plant called miloganda growing on Oiris Island.

Oiris Island whose spelling I’m not sure about (it’s pronounced as oirisu in Japanese) is not an island of Japan with its exact location not mentioned in the drama.


Young miloganda looks like Green Monse and tries to capture even a human.

Adult miloganda is just a large beautiful flower without its carnivorous nature any more, and it was brought back to Japan by the Oiris Island investigation team.

According to the explanation by the characters in the drama, when exposed to gamma ray for breed improvement, it was turned back to the young stage and monsterized.


Though human-sized first, the shot by SSSP’s superguns made it gigantic.

It gives out anesthetic mist from the gleaming opening positioned in the center of its upper body.

Shot by Ultraman’s Spaceum Beam, it flamed up and was reduced to ashes floating free throughout the street buildings at night.

The idea of a plant monster attacking humans was scaring enough to us kids at the time.

Anesthetic mist attack

RAGON (‘Ultraman’ Version)


Episode Episode 4: “Five Seconds to Detonation”
Alias Undersea Humanoid
Emergence Landing on the Miura Peninsula
Height 50 m (164 ft)  ∗Described as 30 m in the drama
Weight 20,000 t (44,090,000 lb)
Homeplace Deep sea at a depth of 5,000 m (16,400 ft) of Japan Trench
Features White atomic breath from the mouth
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Umenosuke Izumi

Ragon is a monster that also appeared in preceding “Ultra Q.”

The one of “Ultra Q” is set to be a human-sized female Ragon, and this one of “Ultraman” is a gigantic male.

In the settings they’re the species called “submarine hominid” evolving from reptiles dominant on earth two hundred million years ago.

The female Ragon had her breasts, but the male Ragon had none.


The male Ragon was the individual giganticized in the explosion of an atomic bomb in the deep sea at a depth of 5,000 meters at the Japan Trench.

It also gave him the ability to blow a white atomic breath like Godzilla.

The bombs for planet exploitation were loaded on a rocket, and the rocket crashed into the Pacific Ocean.

And he landed on the Miura Peninsula with the remaining lost atomic bomb attached to the body.

Female Ragon of “Ultra Q”

The female Ragon of “Ultra Q” just showed up to get back her baby captured by humans in the state of an egg.

And she was basically gentle though she went on a rampage to recapture the baby Ragon.

But the radioactivity of the explosion turned the male Ragon into a gigantic and ferocious creature.

An attempt to have him listen to music played through a ship to calm him down ended up making him all the madder though music on the radio worked for the female Ragon.



Episode Episode 3 “Science Special Search Party, Move Out”
Alias Invisible Monster
Emergence Izu
Height 45 m (147.6 ft)
Weight 40,000 t (88,180,000 lb)
Homeplace Izu
Features •Hiding underground

•Usually invisible

•Electrical attack from the horn

Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Unknown
Actor Haruo Nakajima

Nelonga is an invisible monster (“transparent monster” as the Japanese alias) which appears when charging electricity.

Originally it was a monster dwelling in a well dug 300 years ago.

Legend (in the drama) has it that a samurai named Tsuyoemon Murai (a name which doesn’t sound real unfortunately) got rid of it in the Edo Period (1603-1868).

While hiding in the well, it learnt to turn electricity into energy somehow (What a smart guy!), which made it grow huge.


It grew up so huge that it came out of the ground.

To absorb electricity through the unicorn, it attacked a hydro power plant, electric transmission plant and finally the Third Heat Power Plant.

Putting the unicorn and the two antennas together, it gives out an electric attack.

The unicorn gleaming in relay while absorbing electricity and before emitting the electric attack looks quite attractive.


In the drama, the Spider Shot Shonen (boy) Hoshino got from Arashi and used without permission made the monster one eyed.

Its electric attack which destroyed the power plant had no effect on Ultraman.

Though its battle with Ultraman made Ultraman’s strength stand out, it’s a four-footed monster just like a monster which attracts fans even now.



Baltan appearing in Science Center
Episode Episode 2 “Blast the Invaders”
Alias Space Ninja
Emergence Science Center
Height micro level – 50 m (164 ft)
Weight 0 – 15,000 t (33,070,000 lb)
Homeplace Planet Baltan
Features •Flight ability at the speed of Mach 5

•Red freezing beam (when human-sized)

•White light bullet (when giganticized)

Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Tamotsu Sato
Actor Takeshi Sato

Alien Baltan is the first enemy alien featured in “Ultraman.”

It’s not that they came to earth for invasion initially.

According to the narration, their home planet Planet Baltan exploded due to a nuclear experiment conducted by a scientist Baltan who went crazy.

Baltan’s spaceship

Two billion thirty million Baltans got away from the disaster on space travel by chance.

Traveling through space for a habitable planet, they came close to earth.

Then, as their spaceship lost its “gravity force balance,” they came by on earth to fix the disorder.

According to Baltan’s statement, the other Baltans stay asleep almost in the size of bacteria in their invisible spaceship leaving only him normal in size.

It was also revealed they had no idea corresponding to “life.”

Baltan’s cast-off??

When human-sized, he appeared and disappeared freely and showed his shadow clone technique (known as bunshin-no-jutsu in Japanese), which makes him deserve the alias of ninja.

And he froze people with a red beam from the nippers.

He makes sounds like a human laughter.

Baltan unilaterally stated they would get earth and started to attack night cities after giganticizing.

Attacked by the nuclear missile Hagetaka (buzzard), another Baltan showed up from the dead body as if an insect casts off the skin.

They dislike Spaceum supposed to exist on Mars in the drama.

Shadow clone technique of Baltan



Episode Episode 1 “Ultra Operation No.1”
Alias Space Monster
Emergence Ryugamori Forest Lake
Height 50 m (164 ft)
Weight 25,000 t (55,120,000 lb)
Homeplace Planet M 35
Features •Flight ability in space in the form of a blue light ball

•Bluish white beam from the mouth

Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Teruo Aragaki

Bemlar (also written as Bemular) is the memorable first monster featured in Episode 1 of “Ultraman.”

It’s a space monster though it looks more like a dinosaur.

It came flying to earth from space in the form of a blue light ball.

According to the lines of Ultraman spoken to Hayata in the drama, Ultraman had the monster gone while it was brought to the space graveyard.


Ultraman also came to earth for the first time in the form of a red light ball in pursuit of Bemlar.

Ultraman described Bemlar as a demonic monster disturbing the peace of the universe.

Bemlar hid in the water of the lake of Ryugamori (Forest of Dragon).

And it showed up at the surface of water after being attacked by the SSSP ‘s VTOL from the sky and S16 Submarine from under water.

Cap. Muramatsu called this attack “Ultra Operation No. 1” in the drama.

After the battle with Ultraman who appeared first time ever in front of earthlings, it was finished off by his Spaceum Beam while trying to escape in the form of a blue light ball.