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Episode Episode 48 & 49: The Greatest Invasion in History
Alias Twin Headed Monster
Height 40 meters
Weight 15,000 tons
Homeplace Planet Ghose
Features Manipulated by Alien Ghose
Designer Noriyoshi Ikeya
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama (remodeled enormously by the art crew on the set)
Actor Unknown

Pandon is the space monster manipulated by Alien Ghose.

It has the entire body all red and bird-like beaks on both sides of the head, and It breathes out high-temperature fire from the beaks alternately.

Just like Zetton of Ultraman, it emerged out of the large Space Carrier that came flying from space.

While Ultraseven’s Superior tried to hold him back, Dan transformed into Ultraseven and stood up against Pandon to protect the Ultra Garrison members despite his serious physical disorders.


Whereas the shot of his Emerium Beam fell short of reaching Pandon and his Eye Slugger was knocked down by the monster due to his energy shortage, Ultraseven just barely won by chopping off the monster’s limbs with Eye Slugger held in his hand.

But the monster’s body was recovered overnight by Alien Ghose while Dan was dangling between life and death because of the further damage the fierce fight inflicted on him.


Dan who managed to keep alive said a difficult goodbye to Anne telling her about his true identity and transformed into Ultraseven before her eyes to save Amagi held captive in Alien Ghose’s underground base.

When Amagi was rescued by Ultraseven and the aliens’ base was blasted by the unmanned Magmarizer, Pandon cyborged by Alien Ghose emerged with its bionic arm and leg.

Cyborg Pandon caught Eye Slugger thrown at it in mid air and slowly approached Ultraseven showing off the space boomerang.


When Cyborg Pandon hurled Eye Slugger at Ultraseven after the UG’s attacks put the monster off balance, it had its head sliced off with the boomerang manipulated by Ultraseven’s psychokinesis.

Having fought through his last-ditch battle for humans he loved, Ultraseven flew away into the dawning sky to go back home.

Incidentally, the monster’s name deriving from ‘Pandora’s box’ was initially ‘Bandon’ when the show was aired in my childhood (I don’t remember it. Its name was not referred to in the drama).

And it’s been called ‘Pandon’ instead even officially since the name was misprinted somewhere.




Episode Episode 48 & 49: The Greatest Invasion in History
Alias Ghost Mysterious Man
Height 2 meters
Weight 70 kilograms
Homeplace Planet Ghose
Features The greatest invaders in history
Designer Noriyoshi Ikeya
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama (only heads)
Actor Miki Ikeshima (Ghose commander; he says he doesn’t remember playing Alien Ghose in a recent book interview)
Voice Unknown (processed voice)

Alien Ghose are the aliens who tried to invade Earth by building their base in the underground of Mt. Kumagatake.

They were the enemies who directly assaulted the Far East Base of the TDF for the first time ever in history.

The aliens moved forward with their invasion plots calling in their spaceships including the Space Carrier to bring in kaiju Pandon.


With their underground missiles ready to be launched, they held Amagi captive with their Ghose Balloon and demanded for the human race’s surrender through the UG member under hypnosis. (It seems that they don’t speak human languages.)

They stated the human race would be allowed to live in underground cities on Mars with the living guaranteed in exchange for surrender adding that they would attack the major capitals of the world with their underground missiles against their will otherwise.

It turned out to be the greatest invasion in history on an unprecedented scale putting the human race’s fate at stake.


While the aliens’ underground missiles inflicted enormous damage on some of the major world cities and their direct attacks on the Far East Base left the TDF’s superweapons unable to be used, the TDF figured out Alien Ghose’s underground base beneath the mountain at last.

In the end, the aliens were wiped off with the explosion of the unmanned autopilot Magmarizer loaded with a time bomb that stormed underground into the aliens’ base.

After rescuing Amagi before the explosion, Ultraseven made his last-ditch stand against kaiju Pandon.




Episode Episode 48 & 49: The Greatest Invasion in History
Alias Nebula M78 Man
Height 40 meters
Weight 30,000 tons
Homeplace Nebula M78, Land of Light
Features Warning Dan not to turn into Ultraseven and urging him to return home
Actor Koji Uenishi
Voice Ayao Wada

Ultraseven’s Superior is the Nebula M78 man who sent a warning by telepathy to Dan who was suffering from physical disorders caused by fatal damage battles with invaders on Earth inflicted on him.

And the superior urged Dan to get back home for restoration saying that the prolonged stay on Earth would lead to his death.

It’s not that the superior appeared substantially, but just his images emerged before Dan’s eyes.

Superior: “No. 340…no, I’ll call you Ultraseven as you are called on Earth. You’ve suffered a lot of damage through frequent battles with invaders so far. Staying on Earth any longer is extremely risky. Ultraseven, it’s time to get back to Nebula M78!!!” […]


Dan: “Now I can’t. Something atrocious seems to be taking place on Earth. I can’t let it go.” […]

Superior: “I’ll only give you a single warning. Don’t consume your energy in fighting anymore. That will disable you even to return to Nebula M78! Never do the transformation!!!”

Every time Dan tried to turn into Ultraseven, the superior came up and warned him.

Superior: “Stop! Just stop it, Seven! You will surely die this time!!!”

But Dan changed into Ultraseven and stood against Alien Ghose and their kaiju Pandon to defend earthlings he loved.


Actually this Nebula M78 man was named Ultraseven’s Superior in much later years sometime around 1980, and he hadn’t have any particular name of his own before then. (I think we just called him Seven’s buddy as a kid)

It seems that he’s just described as ‘Nebula M78 Man’ in the script, and whether he’s Ultraseven’s real superior remains unknown.

Unlike Zoffy of Ultraman, Ultraseven’s Superior has exactly the same appearance as Ultraseven (for cost-cutting of the show), but I was convinced as a child that every M78 man should look the same to earthlings in the Ultraseven universe.

The superior’s words helped us learn that the hero is called Ultraseven (as the 7th member of the Ultra Garrison) just among earthlings and called No. 340 back at home.




Episode Episode 47: Who Are You?
Alias Group Aliens
Height 1.8 – 40 meters
Weight 65 kilograms – 10,000 tons
Homeplace Planet Huk
Features Plotting to invade Earth based on a housing complex
Designer Noriyoshi Ikeya
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama (three heads)
Actor Unknown
Human Form Miki Sanjo (Sato’s wife); Takashi Fujimoto (Sato’s son); Toshio Matsumoto (police officer); Hiroshi Kiyama (Hayashi); Debuko Oyama (Yamada)

Alien Huk (pronounced like ‘hook’ in Japanese) are the aliens who plotted to invade Earth based on the Fukuroh Danchi (Owl Housing Complex) in Tokyo.

They went on with their invasion plots steadily while replacing the entire housing complex by theirs that exactly resembled the real one including residents they disguised themselves as to the life.

Whereas the nocturnal aliens’ complex was hidden underground during the daytime, it showed up in place for the real one late at night leaving the real residents unaware of it under hypnosis and making the building exchange invisible to human eyes.


Sato (played by Akiji Kobayashi), one of the residents, who realized something wrong was going on when he got home late in the night after work got held captive by the aliens soon after he had reported to the Ultra Garrison about the ongoing strangeness.

The aliens’ plots were revealed by Dan and Furuhashi who started investigating the complex.

Three of Alien Huk fought against Ultraseven in a group, and their agility bewildered him in the darkness.


But, extremely vulnerable to intense light as they are nocturnal, the aliens were beaten in the end exposed to the spark of Ultraseven’s entire body and the diffused version of Wide Shot.

I found it so scary to see the residents who were usually personable including even Sato’s wife and son say they didn’t know Sato.

Alien Huk with no features on their faces except the design like straw-roped patterns of Japanese ancient earthenware are also very much creepy.

Incidentally, the movements of Alien Huk’s mouth is not by the inside mechanism but seemingly by the jaw of the inside actor taking advantage of the softness of the head.




Episode Episode 46: The Duel: Dan vs. Seven
Alias Robot Superhuman
Height 40 meters
Weight 35,000 tons
Homeplace The secret factory of Alien Salome’s hideout lighthouse
Features Robot with the same appearance and abilities as Ultraseven
Actor Unknown
Voice Processed Ultraseven’s voice (Koji Moritsugu’s)

Fake Ultraseven is the robot with the same appearance and abilities as real Ultraseven that was built by Alien Salome in their secret factory to invade Earth.

The robot produced with the essence of Salome’s scientific technologies was supposed to be superior to real Ultraseven in strength.

And it was expected to stand for the devils instead of the invincible superhero.

As the aliens needed to know the composition of Ultra Beam to complete the robot, they trapped Dan and forced him to tell them the secret of the beam with their Talk Machine.

The injection of Ultra Beam gave life to the robot

Although the robot looks exactly the same as real Ultraseven, it has mechanical-looking parts on the waist and the joints of its arms and legs.

And its low-pitched voice when it uttered ‘Duwaaa!’ makes it look more like a villain.

The robot embarrassed the Ultra Garrison members as they thought Ultraseven they believed to be their hero started attacking them.

As Dan was unable to transform into Ultraseven with Ultra Eye left in a car, Capsule Kaiju Agira fought against Fake Ultraseven.

Fake Ultraseven shooting down the Ultra Hawk 1

With the same capabilities as real Seven, Fake Seven easily defeated Agira, and real Ultraseven who showed up stood against the fake at last.

Real Seven and Fake Seven fought neck and neck, but, of course, the fake was beaten by Ultraseven in the end by getting blasted in the sea.

While, in Ultraman, Fake Ultraman was the form Alien Zarab turned into, it was fun to find that Fake Ultraseven was set to be a robot along with the well-made factory set although I have to admit I personally prefer Fake Ultraman as his artistically sculpted beautiful head makes him look so attractive.

Incidentally, Fake Seven’s costume is the one recycled from Ultraseven’s used costume just before being put on the shelf.

Ultraseven flying away with a salute to the UG. “Seven won! OUR Seven!” (Amagi)