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Episode Episode 42: Ambassador of The Nonmalt
Alias Octopus Monster
Height 30 meters
Weight 10,000 tons
Homeplace Undersea
Features Manipulated by Nonmalt
Designer Noriyoshi Ikeya (based on the design drawn by the silver prize winner of the Alien Design Contest)
Sculptor Art crew of Tsuburaya Productions
Actor Unknown

Guyros is the monster with limbs similar to tentacles of an octopus that was manipulated by Nonmalt.

Deeming the monster as Nonmalt, the Ultra Garrison defeated it, but it was not dead although it sank into the sea.

When Nonmalt started attacking the land in use of the Atomic Submarine Gloria that had been missing, the monster also reappeared.

Guyros playing dead in the water

When Dan tried to transform into Ultraseven, Shinichi showed up out of nowhere to stop him from becoming Seven persistently.

Shinichi: “Just stop it! Nonmalt are not wrong! Humans are wrong! They are not so strong as humans! Stop attacking them, please!”

Shinichi (to Dan still trying to turn into Seven) : “You idiot, Ultra Garrison!”

Dan: “Shinichi…I’ve got to fight!”


Dan changed into Ultraseven at last, and Guyros was beaten having its limbs chopped off with Eye Slugger.

After the Atomic Submarine Gloria was also blasted by the attacks of the Hydranger, the UG also destroyed Nonmalt’s undersea city they found because it could possibly be an aliens’ invasion base. (You’d better check it out, UG…)

Kiriyama: “Our victory! The sea floor also belongs to us human beings!” (He looked quite erratic in these scenes.)

Torpedoes fired from the Hydranger blasted the undersea city

After the incident, Dan and Anne kept remembering Shinichi’s remarks.

“Earth is Nonmalt’s planet! It’s humans who are the invaders!”

At the end of the episode they learnt Shinichi was a boy who had lost his life at that sea two years ago.

As everything concerning them vanished, that has left it unknown if the Nonmalt were truly the natives of Earth.

Kiriyama excited with their ‘victory’

This is the episode that has ever remained in my heart since my childhood.

I found the idea of earthlings being the invaders was sort of shocking even as a kid.

As a sci-fi series featuring Earth invasion from space, this episode is the one that could definitely shake the foundation of the theme.

By the way, along with Tepeto, Guyros was the monster that was designed based on a design drawing titled Alien Guyros drawn by a six-year-old boy at the time who won the silver prize in the Alien Design Contest.

Dan and Anne happened to find a woman laying flowers on a stone monument with the words “Shinichi, Rest In Peace” on it and an ocarina



Episode Episode 42: Ambassador of The Nonmalt
Alias Terrestrial Hominid
Height 1.7 meters
Weight 70 kilograms
Homeplace Undersea
Features Manipulating Guyros
Designer Noriyoshi Ikeya
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama (three heads)
Actor Unknown

Nonmalt are the humanoids found to dwell undersea.

The crucial point about them is that they may have been the natives of Planet Earth ahead of the human race.

First of all, a boy appeared in front of Anne and warned her to stop the undersea exploitation by the Seahorse, undersea exploitation base, located right before their eyes.

As soon as the boy went away leaving a message that it would cause something terrible otherwise, the Seahorse exploded violently.

Seahorse Undersea Base linked with the base at the surface

Furthermore, the boy warned the TDF on a phone call to Chief that Nonmalt would fight resolutely if humans should invade the sea floor because it belongs to Nonmalt.

That made Dan wonder if there are any other Nonmalt than humans because human beings are called Nonmalt back in his homeland, Nebula M78.

Anne finally managed to find the boy (played by Katsunori Machida), who identified himself to Anne as Shinichi, and asked him why the Seahorse was destroyed.

Shinichi playing ocarina whose sorrowful sound is featured throughout this episode

Shinichi: “Because the sea floor belongs to Nonmalt.”

Anne: “What is Nonmalt?”

Shinichi: “True earthlings.”

Anne: “Earthlings?”

Shinichi:  “From the time immemorial, since long before humans, they have lived on Earth. They were driven away into the sea by humans. Humans now think themselves as earthlings, but you are actually the invaders!”

“No way…” Anne resisted

Anne: “Humans are invaders of Earth? No way, no way…”

Shinichi: “It’s true!”

Anne: “Are you Nonmalt?”

Shinnichi (leaving her question unanswered): “Humans are sly. Always selfish. You have gone so far as to drive Nonmalt away even out of the sea floor. […] If humans do it, Nonmalt will do it, too.”

When Shinichi was gone with Dan’s emergence, Kaiju Guyros appeared and started raging in the sea.

Nonmalt shot the TDF members dead who tried to capture Shinichi with laser shots.



Episode Episode 41: The Challenge from the Water
Alias Kappa Monster
Height 38 meters
Weight 8,000 tons
Homeplace Planet Tepeto
Features Looking like kappa; manipulated by Kaiju Tepeto
Designer Noriyoshi Ikeya (based on the design by Susumu Nozaki)
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Unknown

Tepeto is the aquatic biped space monster manipulated by Alien Tepeto.

Just like the alien, the monster also looks like the kappa (literally river kid), aquatic yokai (monstrous demon or imp) that often appear in Japanese folklore or legends.

The cyclops monster with the tiny eye dimly shining in the center of its face came out of the egg that emerged from underwater.

It was a monster that hit below the belt and attacked Ultraseven while pretending to surrender or danced comically.

Tepeto bending the head back and firing a beam attack from the dish plate

After fierce battles with Ultraseven in water, it was severed in half underwater with Eye Slugger at last.

This is an episode featuring kappa, the commonly known yokai character appearing in Japanese folklore as described above.

The kappa is said to have a dish plate on top of his/her head to store water and to lose his/her powers if the water runs out.

The monster also has the dish plate and tried to cool it down when shot with Emerium Beam.

Tepeto pretending to surrender with a ‘help me’ gesture to Ultraseven

In Japan, horror stories featuring yokai or specters were often told in summer to make people feel literally ‘chilly’ in the old days.

This episode originally aired in July may have been meant to chill us.

Along with Guyros of Episode 42, Tepeto was designed (by Noriyoshi Ikeya) based on design drawings publicly collected in the Alien Design Contest held for viewers at the time.

The gold titled design ‘Rotating Cyborg Dikurosureiza’ (Dicrosrazor or something if it’s spelled like English) drawn by a boy named Susumu Nozaki was adopted for the Tepeto design.

Ultraseven searching for diving Tepeto by seeing through water



Episode Episode 41: The Challenge from the Water
Alias Aquatic Mysterious Man
Height 1.8 meters
Weight 55 kilograms
Homeplace Planet Tepeto
Features Looking like kappa; manipulating Kaiju Tepeto
Designer Noriyoshi Ikeya
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama (heads and arms for three of them)
Actor Sadao Haruhara (now Hikaru Otsuki)

Alien Tepeto are the aquatic aliens who were going ahead with Earth invasion plots based in (fictional) Lake Ishu.

They have an appearance similar to kappa (literally ‘river kid’), aquatic yokai (monstrous demon or imp) that often appear in Japanese folklore or legends.

The rumor that kappa emerged in Lake Ishu attracted a group of kappa maniacs calling themselves ‘Japan Kappa Club.’

A sci-fi writer among them assumed kappa legends that have been around since early times should be about aliens from space.


When they were keeping an eye on the lake, those who showed up from underwater were the Ultra Garrison members looking into Lake Ishu after detecting something wrong with the lake.

In the meantime one of the club members was found dead having his carotid artery severed, and that made the UG start a full-scale investigation in Lake Ishu.

While surveying in water, Dan was captured and left shackled underwater by the aliens with Anne on the boat also left unconscious by being wrapped in mysterious smoke that came up suddenly.


While looking for Dan and Anne who went missing, the UG found a giant egg emerging from underwater, and Kaiju Tepeto showed up from inside the egg.

Dan turned into Ultraseven in water and fought against Tepeto.

When the monster was defeated by Ultraseven, the aliens tried to escape in their spacecraft, but it was blasted by the Ultra Hawk 3.

Alien Tepeto’s spacecraft

Although Alien Tepeto seemingly plotted to keep people away from Lake Ishu by spreading a rumor that horrifying kappa had appeared in and around  the lake, it actually ended up having the opposite effect.

They probably ignored Japanese formidable maniac traits. The ignorance is really an ‘Ishu.’

Japan Kappa Club



Episode Episode 39 & 40: The Seven Assassination Plan
Alias Alter Ego Alien
Height 2 – 40 meters
Weight 200 kilograms – 10,000 tons
Homeplace Planet Guts
Features Leaving Ultraseven bound to a cross
Designer Noriyoshi Ikeya
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Toshihiko Saikyo; Miki Ikeshima
Voice Unknown

Alien Guts are the aliens who proudly described themselves as invincible aliens who had never lost any fights.

They plotted to put Ultraseven to death before the eyes of earthlings and invade Earth by breaking down their morale.

As described in the post on Aron, they analyzed Ultraseven’s capabilities in advance by initially making him fight against the monster they manipulated.

Bewildered with the hallucination attacks (to create alter egos like shadow cloning) of Alien Guts fully aware of Ultraseven’s weak point (action limitation), Ultraseven fell into their hands.

Trapped Ultraseven at dusk

He got trapped in a transparent cross-like container, and Alien Guts proclaimed that Ultraseven was going to be executed at dawn.

In the meantime the Ultra Garrison picked up mysterious radio waves, and Amagi found they were coming from Ultraseven’s brain to tell them that the lack of Magnerium (not magnesium) Energy had left him unable to move.

The energy can be obtained from dymode (I’m not sure how it should be spelled in English) mineral (fictionally).

After the contest over the mineral with Alien Guts, the UG managed to extract Magnerium Energy out of it.

Although they tried to expose Ultraseven to the energy by delivering a beam shot aimed at his Beam Lamp, Ultraseven they were seeing in mid air was revealed to be just an illusion.

The beam shot fired from Magmarizer revived Ultraseven

While the proclaimed execution time was approaching, the UG discovered real Ultraseven left lying on the cliff side.

And the beam shot fired from the Magmirizer that dashed its way out of underground (I find it so cool!) revived the hero.

Ultraseven who recovered energy (he charged more energy flying close to the Sun) smashed Alien Guts’ spacecraft with the aliens aboard in panic with his Ultra Knock Tactics (while laying Eye Slugger in mid air, striking it with an intense beam shot from behind to let the space boomerang hit the opponent more violently).

Guts’ spacecraft driven out with Ultraseven’s beam attacks

Alien Guts are formidable aliens remaining in our memory who went so far as to drive an Ultra hero to the wall for the first time though it’s not a final episode.

The exciting plot development that keeps us in suspense throughout the two-parted episode is so attractive.

Their transparent cross and spacecraft should show the traces of the aliens having been called Alien Surraga (the reverse of garasu meaning glass in Japanese) during the preparation period in producing the episode.

Ultra Knock Tactics



Episode Episode 39: The Seven Assassination Plan (Beginning)
Alias Magnificently Powered Monster (I hope this makes sense)
Height 45 meters
Weight 13,000 tons
Homeplace Planet Guts
Features Underdog manipulated by Alien Guts
Designer Noriyoshi Ikeya
Sculptor Art crew of Tsuburaya Productions
Actor Toshihiko Saikyo (allegedly. But he says he doesn’t remember playing Aron in a recent book interview so possibly someone else)

Aron is the monster Alien Guts sent in as an underdog to test Ultraseven’s abilities while plotting to invade Earth by putting him to death before the eyes of earthlings.

They were aware that Dan was Ultraseven and found it easy to kill him in the human form.

But the aliens thought executing Ultraseven (instead of Dan) in the presence of humans would make the invasion process easier as earthlings rely upon and place their hope in the hero.

Intelligently enough, they made Aron fight against Ultraseven first and thoroughly checked up on him.

Aron looking like an imp

Aron just appeared as sepia toned images in the scenes in which Alien Guts explained Ultraseven’s superabilities to his buddies in their spacecraft.

The multiple changes of the scenes tell us they fought repeatedly in different circumstances and possibly on different occasions.

Seemingly without any particular abilities but the one making itself invisible, Aron was finally beaten by having its head chopped off with Eye Slugger.

“Dan, Are you taking our challenge?”Guts provoked Dan

Leaving Capsule Monster Windom blasted to death with a beam attack fired from their spacecraft, Alien Guts showed up in front of Dan and challenged him in an attempt to make him turn into Ultraseven.

While Dan tried not to respond to their provocation, the Ultra Hawk 3 that found the aliens’ spacecraft got shot down, and they abducted Soga temporarily.

When the aliens exploded the bridge Dan passed on in the Pointer, he finally transformed into Ultraseven.

Windom shot by Guts’ spacecraft


Still photo
Episode Episode 38: The Courageous Battle
Alias Robot Monster
Height 42 meters
Weight 30,000 tons
Homeplace Planet Banda
Features Feeding on automobiles
Designer Noriyoshi Ikeya
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Eiichi Matsushima

Crazygon is the space robot manipulated by Alien Banda.

Although the aliens didn’t appear at all in the drama, having used up their resources back at home, they sent in the robot to rob iron on Earth.

The robot emerged together with artificial mist and tossed automobiles into the opening of its body (usually closed with a shutter) under cover of the mist.

The private car with Anne and the others aboard also came close to being victimized, but Ultraseven who showed up saved them.

They were on their way taking Dr. Jugren, renowned heart surgeon who just arrived from Switzerland, to the hospital where Osamu, younger brother of one of Anne’s friends, was being treated.

With the shutter opened Crazygon drops cars into the body

Then the robot flew back to Alien Banda’s space station and let out the vehicles it had eaten through the docking bay. (When flying, its legs get contained into the body.)

After becoming aware that the robot came flying according to the traffic jam news, the Ultra Garrison had a false news report aired to lure the robot and make it eat cars loaded with explosives.

Although the plan went right and the space station got blasted, the robot was too robust to be destroyed and, after it flew away out of control, started raging ‘crazily’ in the streets.

And it made its way by chance to the hospital where the heart surgery for Osamu was underway by the hands of Dr. Jugren.

Crazygon docked with Alien Banda’s space station in mid air

While Ultraseven appeared again, the sturdy robot gave him a hard time as it bounced back any strikes, Emerium Beam and Eye Slugger.

In the end Ultraseven reduced to a micro size and got into the Electro H Gun with which Furuhashi was shooting the robot.

When Furuhashi fired the gun, Ultraseven was shot out instead of the bullet and destroyed the robot with a huge explosion.

The robot was just called ‘(Alien Banda’s) robot’ in the episode and was named Crazygon afterwards just like King Joe and U-tom.

I’ve liked this robot since I was a kid because of the unique appearance that made it look somewhat humorous and as I found it attractive that it ate vehicles one after another with its big nipper.

Crazygon firing a beam attack. On the eye-like parts and inside the hexagonal part you can find many turning gears



Episode Episode 37: The Stolen Ultra Eye
Alias Alien Magellan
Height 1.6 meters
Weight 40 kilograms
Homeplace Planet Magellan
Features Telepathy
Actress Yuri Yoshida (now Yuriko Kono)

Maya, Alien Magellan, is the alien sent in from Planet Magellan.

They plotted to blast Earth with the Interstellar Ballistic Missile to be launched from the planet.

Maya’s mission was to keep Dan from transforming into Ultraseven by stealing Ultra Eye so as not to let him thwart the plot.

They seem to be the aliens with exactly the same appearances as earthlings, and Maya just looks like a human girl.

It’s interesting to find she has her own individual name even though it was left unreferred to in the episode.

Interstellar Ballistic Missile launched from Planet Magellan

At the beginning of the episode she managed to get Ultra Eye when Dan fell unconscious after she made the Pointer fall off a cliff.

She communicated with Dan by telepathy in the disco bar Noa where he found her among dancing young people.

Asked by Dan if they were going to invade Earth, Maya laughed contemptuously and answered bluntly, “Look, this crazy planet. Do you think it’s worth invasion?”

Although she had been sending a message ‘Waiting to be picked up’ to Planet Magellan, the reply was so awful as to say, “The Interstellar Ballistic Missile has already been launched. No time to pick you up.”

“This planet’s life will be over at midnight.” Maya facing Dan in the disco bar Noa

When she became aware that she had been abandoned from the very beginning, Dan suggested her to live on Earth.

She silently returned Ultra Eye to Dan instead of replying.

The missile made its way smashing the Space Station V2, and the desperate attacks of the Ultra Hawk 1 and 2 had no effect on it, either.

Ultraseven (human-sized) who plunged into the missile managed to divert its direction by a hair’s breadth at last.

When Dan got back to the bar, Maya was not there.

“Why don’t we live with this planet?” Dan said to Maya by telepathy

She had vanished in smoke she let out from a jukebox leaving just her brooch behind on the floor that told Dan what happened to her.

I’ve loved this episode even since my childhood although no monstrous alien appeared.

I think this is a great work that proved an Ultra Series episode can be an attractive sci-fi drama even without any monsters.

It’s impressive to see Dan and Maya always communicate by telepathy while it’s found Maya didn’t utter a single word throughout the episode without using it.

Maya let out smoke from a jukebox that made her vanish



Episode Episode 36: The 0.1 Second Kill
Alias Hypnosis Alien
Height 1.6 meters
Weight 56 kilograms
Homeplace Planet Pega
Features Manipulating humans; Incapable to get out of the spacecraft (not because he’s too shy to do so)
Designer Noriyoshi Ikeya
Sculptor Art crew of Tsuburaya Productions
Actor Kunio Suzuki
Voice Mahito Tsujimura (Same as Alien Vira)

Alien Pega is the alien who came from the 13th planet of Alpha Centauri.

While plotting to make Earth into their front base for invasion of the Solar System, he trired to disrupt the Artificial Sun Development Project (I wonder what it’s for) the TDF secretly worked on because the project would hamper his plot.

As Alien Pega can’t withstand the Earth’s atmospheric pressure, that didn’t allow him to get out of his spacecraft, so he put humans under hypnosis and manipulated them into working for him.

The controlled humans included Hirota (played by Kazumoto Ohashi), an elite member of the TDF Far East Base Staff Office.

Alien Pega (left..duh) and Hirota

Hirota was one of Soga’s friends but had a fierce rivalry against Soga, and that made Hirota sell his soul to Alien Pega in exchange for the championship in a shooting match over Soga known as a skilled shooter.

Through the conflicts between Soga and Hirota you can enjoy the plot development like a spy action drama involving SFX.

Taking Dr. Richter, general director of the artificial sun development, as a hostage, Hirota challenged Soga to a five-count pistol duel.

As Alien Pega was incapable to get out, the fight scenes were depicted centering on the battles between Ultraseven and Alien Pega’s spacecraft.

Alien Pega’s spacecraft

Human-sized Ultraseven rushed into his spacecraft at last and tried to talk the alien into going back home.

While resisting Ultraseven, Alien Pega was beaten with Emerium Beam, and his spacecraft was blasted with Wide Shot.

At the end, Soga was found standing on his knees near Hirota lying dead.

I find Alien Pega an attractive alien in his appearance that makes him look like he’s wearing a fur coat.

Noriyoshi Ikeya allegedly came up with the design inspired by fashion magazines.

The alien’s feature that left him unable to get out of the spacecraft due to the atmospheric thing was also interesting.

When shot dead, Alien Pega’s body inflated like a balloon, which made me feel it’s surely something atmospheric as a child.  🙂

Ultraseven persuading Alien Pega to return home



Episode Episode 35: Horror on the Moon
Alias Moon Monster
Height 60 meters
Weight 70,000 tons
Homeplace Moon Desert
Features Manipulated by Alien Zamppa
Designer Noriyoshi Ikeya
Sculptor Undescribed
Actor Kunio Suzuki

Petero is the space monster manipulated by Alien Zamppa.

The oddly-shaped monster showed up along with a quake right after Alien Zamppa got shot dead.

Captain Kurata assumed this monster had ruined the Moon Base.

It looks like accumulated balls, and, while one of the balls has an eye-like luminescent part that glows red and fires a beam attack, it emits dissolving liquid from another place.

A beam attack fired from the ‘eye’

The mollusk-like body disabled Ultraseven’s attacks by absorbing the impact of the strikes.

Although it doesn’t look overwhelmingly strong, the thing is Ultraseven also had to fight against the cold temperature going down to minus 180 degrees C (356 F) at night on the Moon.

As revealed in Episode 25 ‘Showdown at 140 Degrees Below Zero’ featuring Alien Poll and kaiju Gander, Ultraseven is extremely vulnerable to coldness.

Dissolving liquid has no effect on Ultraseven but the night of the Moon approaches

But Ultraseven was saved by the heat of a meteorite that accidentally came down, and Petero was beaten by Wide Shot after he absorbed the heat energy.

Along with Baloonga of Ultra Q, Greenmonse and Bulton of Ultraman all designed by Tohl Narita, Petero designed by Noriyoshi Ikeya is also a monster that is to have no definite shape (although they are all costumes).

I like the strangeness of such supposedly amorphous monsters.

With Beam Lamp blinking Ultraseven absorbs the heat energy