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Episode Episode 3; The Secret of the Lake

Episode 25: Showdown at 140 Degrees Below Zero

Alias Capsule Monster
Height micro – 40 meters
Weight 0 – 20,000 tons
Homeplace Planet Buffalo of Nebula M78
Features Breathing out a heat beam (Episode 25)
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Toshihiko Saikyo (3): Kunio Suzuki (25)
Note 1. In the prepared script Red King was to appear as the capsule monster for this episode

2. Miclas was to appear in Episode 1 and 39 as well but replaced by Windom

Following Windom, Miclas is another capsule monster Dan uses when necessary.

Miclas appeared twice, in Episode 3 and 25, through the episodes of Ultraseven.

In Episode 1 Miclas fought against Eleking while Dan was unable to become Ultraseven as Ultra Eye was stolen by one of the human girls Alien Pitt disguised themselves as.

In Episode 25 MIclas showed up to battle with Gander when Dan lost Ultra Eye in the snow field and came near to getting stranded in the cold.

Miclas is a monster which looks somewhat lovable.

As the capsule monsters are to act as a foil for Ultraseven, they are inferior in fighting strength as shown in Episode 1 with Windom, and Miclas is no exception.

But they are courageous enough to stand up against enemies at the risk of their lives.


In Episode 3 Miclas fought bravely against Eleking though he was defeated with an electric shock Eleking gave to him by winding its long tail around Miclas.

In Episode 25 he fought a good fight against Gander in the freezing zone at 140 degrees Celsius below zero caused by Alien Poll until he became motionless and barely alive in the snow storm.

He was returned to the capsule after Gander was beaten by Ultraseven.


Episode Episode 3: The Secret of the Lake
Alias Space Monster
Height 20 centimeters – 53 meters
Weight 500 grams – 25,000 tons
Homeplace Planet Pitt
Features Controlled by Alien Pitt; crscent beam from the mouth; electric shock by the long tail
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Fumio Ikeda (on the studio set); Kunio Suzuki (on the outdoor set)

Eleking is the space monster controlled by Alien Pitt.

It emerged from Azuma Lake in Kisodani Valley.

It has an oddly-shaped juvenile form which is limbless and looks like a snake.

It has a pair of counter-rotating antennas and a luminescent part with a net-like pattern instead of the eyes and mouth which are supposed to be there.

It fires a crescent-shaped beam from the luminescent part.

Cute-looking juvenile Eleking released by Alien Pitt (human form) when it came near to being caught by an angler of all things

Oddly enough, the hands and feet have no fingers and have holes instead.

Although it has no mouth, it makes a sheer squeak along with the sound of the rotating antennas.

It also has a long tail which gives an electric shock coiling around the opponent.

And it characteristically has a cow pattern on the body.

Finally, with the antennas destroyed by Ultraseven with Emerium Beam, Eleking was finished off with Eye Slugger.


Eleking is my favorite monster among Ultraseven monsters.

The unique appearance much different from terrestrial monsters featured in Ultraman makes it look just like an extraterrestrial monster.

It’s well known that the white part of the body turned yellowish in the later scenes due to the colorant used for the water on the set to make the lake look more real.

It can be deemed the body color gradually changed while the space monster was exposed to Earth atmosphere.

Although the figure dolls of Eleking are often painted with the yellowish color with the black spots, I prefer to the white and black pattern.

Can you see the difference in color?



Episode Episode 3: The Secret of the Lake
Alias Transformation Mysterious Alien
Height 1.55 (human form) – 2 meters
Weight 60 kilograms
Homeplace Planet Pitt
Features Transforming into a human girl; stealing Ultra Eye; controlling Eleking
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Unknown actresses
Human Form Reiko Takahashi (double casted for the two girls)

Alien Pitt are female aliens who attempted to invade the earth in the form of human girls with the use of Eleking they controlled.

Two of them, pink-eyed and yellow-eyed, appeared, and they looked exactly the same in the human form.

As monsters and aliens were usually deemed to be males somehow, I think featuring female aliens was a rare case in those days.


Furuhashi and Dan found Alien Pitt’s spacecraft landed in Kisodani Valley they rushed to in response to the report that a huge object fell down there.

Pretending to be an innocent girl who wandered into the spacecraft by chance, one of Alien Pitt stole Ultra Eye from Dan.

She made Eleking, space monster they control, emerge from the lake while Dan was unable to turn into Ultraseven without Ultra Eye.

Human form of Alien Pitt in their spacecraft

Although Ultra Eye was often stolen by aliens throughout the series of Ultraseven, it occurred for the first time in this episode.

While Dan made Capsule Monster Miclas fight against Eleking, he managed to get back Ultra Eye.

After the defeat of Eleking by Ultraseven, Alien Pitt were also smashed together with their spacecraft they were in, while trying to escape to space, by Ulraseven who chased after it.

She has nostrils



Episode Episode 2: The Green Terror
Alias Creature X
Height 1.8 – 150 meters
Weight 100 kilograms – 13,000 tons
Homeplace Planet Waiell
Features Emitting a wave-like beam from the body
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Sadao Haruhara (now Hikaru Otsuki); Kokichi Sasaki (assistant director of the drama part, for the scenes in the train)
Human Form Asao Matsumoto (TDF member Ishiguro)

Alien Waiell is one of my favorite aliens especially in terms of how he was depicted in the drama.

The Japanese name is pronounced as YR (wye-ar) because the name came from the Japanese term yo-ryoku-so, chlorophyl.

He’s set to have come from Planet Waiell covered with plants all over the planet.

He was also introduced as Creature X of Planet Waiell in my childhood, which made me think this creature could be the monster Alien Waiell sent to the earth for invasion. (This gives me sleepless nights again 🙂 )

Meteorite in the yard (with real Ishiguro inside)

He disguised himself as the TDF member Ishiguro who returned from the Space Station V3 and started to assault people every night

The people sprayed with the alien’s mysterious liquid turned into the form of Alien Waiell.

Alien Waiell allegedly plotted to dominate the earth by increasing plant humans like them.  (…for what?)

He kept Ishiguro captured in a meteorite placed in the yard of the Ishiguros.

A smaller meteorite (electronic brain) he had enabled him to change into Ishiguro in use of image transmission from the large meteorite.

Fake Ishiguro and Ishiguro’s wife

Dan found out the meteorites were composed of Chirusonite (Tilsonite?) 808 which was not around on the earth.

With the small meteorite broken by Dan, fake Ishiguro turned back into Alien Waiell in the presence of Mrs. Ishiguro on a train for Hakone on the way to their villa.

After becoming a giant, Alien Waiell was split into two by Ultraseven’s Eye Slugger with the body parts shot and burnt up by Emerium Beam.

Real Ishiguro was rescued from the meteorite, and people made into Alien Waiell turned back into humans eventually.

Look to your side, Mrs. Ishiguro!



Episode Episode 1: The Invisible Challenger

Episode 24: Return to the North!

Episode 39: The Seven Assassination Plan (Beginning)

Alias Capsule Monster
Height micro – 40 meters
Weight 0 – 23,000 tons
Homeplace Planet Metal of Nebula M78
Features Firing laser shot from the lamp; very week when the lamp gets attacked
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Sadao Haruhara (now Hikaru Otsuki) (1): Kunio Suzuki (24): Toshihiko Saikyo (39)
Note 1. Windom was to appear in Episode 32 and 46 as well but replaced by Agira

2. Miclas was to appear in Episode 1 and 39 instead of Windom

Windom is one of the capsule monsters which side with Ultraseven.

I love Windom best among the capsule monsters as he looks good.

They are the monsters from Nebula M78 and contained in the capsules Dan Moroboshi carries with him.

They fight against enemies on behalf of Ultraseven when Dan can’t turn into Seven for some reason.

Three capsule monsters in total appeared in UltrasevenWindom, Miclas and Agira.

Episode 1

Although Windom looks like a robot, he’s set to be a monster from Planet Metal of Nebula M78.

But, as Dan referred to Windom as having an electronic brain in Episode 24, that makes me wonder what kind of life form he is.

Is the mechanical-looking body his real form or something like an armor he wears? Or could he be a cyborg monster?

Thinking of it keeps me awake all night!  😀

Episode 24

Windom’s weapon is laser shot he fires from the lamp on the head, and the lamp is also his weak point which was attacked every time.

In Episode 1, he was returned to the capsule after being beaten with the lamp shot by the beam from the opponent.

In Episode 24, Alien Cannan deranged his electronic brain by shooting the lamp with a beam attack and made him battle with Seven.

And, sadly enough, he was finally destroyed in explosion by Alien Guts in Episode 39 who also shot his lamp with a beam.

Episode 39



Episode Episode 1: The Invisible Challenger
Alias Space Hunter
Height 2 meters
Weight 75 kilograms
Homeplace Planet Cool
Features Attack from the invisible spacecraft
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor None (puppet)
Voice Koji Yada

Alien Cool is an alien who had the honor of appearing in Episode 1 of Ultraseven.

He’s not a humanoid alien but looks like an insect, a tick put upside down.

With high intelligence, he ridicules us referring the human beings as something like insects to their eyes, but his statement makes us laugh as he looks more like an insect anyway we look at him.

Alien Cool’s spacecraft colored by a spraying device

Having studied humans by making them vanish one after another and captured as human specimens, Alien Cool pressed the human race for overall surrender to them.

They attacked a coastal industrial area of Japan with their invisible spacecraft and threatened to target Tokyo next.

The spacecraft was made colored and visible eventually by the Special Spray Device completed at the advice of Dan Moroboshi.

Dan was a vagabond who warned the UG members of the alien’s earth invasion plot and cooperated with the UG and TDF.

Dan transformed into Ultraseven in the absence of others.


Despite the high intelligence, Alien Cool is extremely short of fighting ability.

In his spacecraft he was severed instantly into two by life-sized Ultraseven with his Eye Slugger who got in there and freed the trapped people.

Alien Cool may not have looked so cool in spite of his name…

His spacecraft was brought to space by Ultraseven, who made himself a giant, and was destroyed by Seven’s Emerium Beam.

Alien Cool was certainly the type of monster we had never seen in Ultraman which had no puppet doll monsters.

It’s interesting to see him have jagged edge patters on the body similar to Alien Balatan (first).