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Main characters of “Ultra Q”

In “Ultra Q,” the same civilian main characters encounter mysterious incidents, supernatural phenomena or monsters in every episode unlike “Ultraman” and “Ultra Seven.”

Because “Q” is the product before the idea of featuring a superhero and a defense team emerged.

Episode 15 “Kanegon’s Cocoon” featuring Kanegon exceptionally has none of the regular characters appear in the drama.

Jun Manjome (acted by Kenji Sahara)

A pilot of Hoshikawa Aviation. Active guy with enthusiasm.

Self-proclaimed science fiction writer always dreaming of space travel who plays a major role in solving a case with bravery and good judgement.

Ippei Togawa (acted by Yasuhiko Saijo)

An assistant pilot of Hoshikawa Aviation usually called Ippei.

A bit hasty and awkward but amusing guy who sometimes shows shrewd instincts and contributed to solving a case.

Yuriko Edogawa (acted by Hiroko Sakurai)

Photographer of Mainichi Shinpo (newspaper company) who acts with Manjome and Ippei.

Curious about everything and often more active than males.

Seki (acted by Yoshibumi Tajima)

Managing editor of Mainichi Shinpo.

Fussy and difficult boss (not picky, though) devoted to work but a nice man at heart.

Dr. Ichinotani (acted by Ureo Egawa)

Director of Ichinotani Research Institute and an academic regarded as a world authority on science.

Good and reliable adviser to Manjome and the others who always makes level-headed decisions and often helped them to solve a case with equipment he invented.

According to one explanation, he played a major role in establishing the SSSP Japan branch of “Ultraman” though it’s not depicted or described in either drama of “Ultra Q” and “Ultraman.”