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Hero never seen before

Before featuring Kaijyu on a full scale, Ultra Q Kaijyu were modest such as Giant Spider “Tarantula.”

Or remodeling Godzilla, “Gomess” was created.

Most of them had Toho (The film company of Godozilla) taste in a way.

After the participation of Toru Narita in Ultra Q, attractive Kaijyu were created one after another.

They were not “Toho-like-Kaijyu” anymore.

They were genuinely worth bearing the name of original “Ultra Kaijyu.”

“Garamon,””Kanegon,””Kemur-jin” and son on should be representative of Narita’s design work in Ultra Q.

Ahead of designing for Ultraman after Ultra Q, Narita had to create a hero which no one had ever seen before.

The hero is a spaceman.

Now as you are too familiar with the hero’s design which became the standard, you may not be aware.

But who else can come up with a design like that?

Heroes we had around that time were life-sized and wore a costume with gloves, boots, a belt and a mask like “Gekko-kamen.”

Gekko-kamen, which literally means “Moon Light Mask”, was Tokusatsu (SFX) TV series broadcast 1958-1959.

Even “Superman” is unexceptional in style.


That is the design required for Ultraman.

Narita’s agony is very much imaginable.

Ultraman and Ultra Seven

Ultraman (1966)

My heroes in my childhood are, of course, Ultraman and Ultra Seven.

I was a 4-5 years old, at that time, “Monster Boom” (Kaijyu Boom) has occurred between the children.
Ultra Q, Ultraman and Ultra Seven were much more popular than you could imagine now.

When I entered a kindergarten, my mother bought me a magazine for children.
In the magazine I remember there was a notice saying that “Ultra Seven” is coming soon on TV.

Ultra Seven (1967)

Just the broadcasting of Ultraman ended in spite of the popularity.
It was time to have Ultra Seven start to be broadcast.

Looking at the photos of Ultra Seven, completely different appearance from familiar Ultraman, I was a bit embarrassed.

The protector around the shoulder which Ultraman didn’t have gave the impression such as a robot to me.

I was worried whether Ultra Seven could fight as smart as Ultraman.
After Ultra Seven started, I found it was just a needless worry.
Seven was a hero that had a different charm from Ultraman.

Ultraman and Seven became the immortal hero for me.

I looked forward to watching Seven every Sunday.
But now I know the viewing rate was going down.

After Seven, “Kaiki Daisakusen” of the same Tsuburaya production was broadcast.
No Ultra Kaijyu and no Ultra heroes were there any more.

In TV broadcasting industry, they had a recognition that Kaijyu was already old-fashioned.

Kaiki Daisakusen is re-evaluated today among ardent fans.
But, in my impression, after Ultra Series, I found it lack in impact.

The end of Ultra Seven was also the end of the “Kaijyu Boom” until the boom came back after years.