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Episode Episode 32: The Wandering Planet

Episode 46: The Duel: Dan vs. Seven

Alias Capsule Monster
Height micro – 45 meters
Weight 0 – 12,000 tons
Homeplace Planet Animal of Nebula M78
Features Agility
Designer Noriyoshi Ikeya
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Kunio Suzuki (32): Unknown (25)

Agira is the third Capsule Monster that appeared in Ultraseven with a frill like a dinosaur.

He was a little inconspicuous compared with the other Capsule Monsters Windom and Miclas because he looks so simple and plain.

But he’s now found adorable and loved by people due to his attractive gestures and behavior.

He’s good at agility and fought bravely against Riggar using side steps.

vs. Riggar

In Episode 32 featuring Riggar he was called in while Dan was unable to transform into Ultraseven because of the electromagnetic waves of Asteroid Din.

Agira was defeated after Riggar slapped him with its tail repeatedly until he got all weak.

In Episode 46 he was called on and battled against Fake Ultraseven because Dan left Ultra Eye behind in the Pointer.  🙂

He was beaten down unilaterally and kicked off a cliff by the fake who was as strong as his master.

Agira in Episode 46 (the costume’s back was painted black) It has a forked beak

It’s said that, although Windom was to appear as the capsule monster in Episode 32 initially, it ended up having the new monster Agira instead so as to increase viewership.

In the early plot Pagos of Ultra Q seems to have been a candidate for the capsule monster of this episode as monsters of Ultra Q and Ultraman were initially to appear as capsule monsters of Ultraseven.

Talking about the costume, I find Agira’s head is rather well made while I think high sculpturing ability should be required to make such a plain monster without decorations.

Incidentally, the name Agira came from Akira Tsuburaya, Eiji Tsuburaya’s third son, who was also involved in the Ultra Series.

Kicked by Fake Ultraseven



Episode Episode 3; The Secret of the Lake

Episode 25: Showdown at 140 Degrees Below Zero

Alias Capsule Monster
Height micro – 40 meters
Weight 0 – 20,000 tons
Homeplace Planet Buffalo of Nebula M78
Features Breathing out a heat beam (Episode 25)
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Toshihiko Saikyo (3): Kunio Suzuki (25)
Note 1. In the prepared script Red King was to appear as the capsule monster for this episode

2. Miclas was to appear in Episode 1 and 39 as well but replaced by Windom

Following Windom, Miclas is another capsule monster Dan uses when necessary.

Miclas appeared twice, in Episode 3 and 25, through the episodes of Ultraseven.

In Episode 1 Miclas fought against Eleking while Dan was unable to become Ultraseven as Ultra Eye was stolen by one of the human girls Alien Pitt disguised themselves as.

In Episode 25 MIclas showed up to battle with Gander when Dan lost Ultra Eye in the snow field and came near to getting stranded in the cold.

Miclas is a monster which looks somewhat lovable.

As the capsule monsters are to act as a foil for Ultraseven, they are inferior in fighting strength as shown in Episode 1 with Windom, and Miclas is no exception.

But they are courageous enough to stand up against enemies at the risk of their lives.


In Episode 3 Miclas fought bravely against Eleking though he was defeated with an electric shock Eleking gave to him by winding its long tail around Miclas.

In Episode 25 he fought a good fight against Gander in the freezing zone at 140 degrees Celsius below zero caused by Alien Poll until he became motionless and barely alive in the snow storm.

He was returned to the capsule after Gander was beaten by Ultraseven.



Episode Episode 1: The Invisible Challenger

Episode 24: Return to the North!

Episode 39: The Seven Assassination Plan (Beginning)

Alias Capsule Monster
Height micro – 40 meters
Weight 0 – 23,000 tons
Homeplace Planet Metal of Nebula M78
Features Firing laser shot from the lamp; very week when the lamp gets attacked
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Sadao Haruhara (now Hikaru Otsuki) (1): Kunio Suzuki (24): Toshihiko Saikyo (39)
Note 1. Windom was to appear in Episode 32 and 46 as well but replaced by Agira

2. Miclas was to appear in Episode 1 and 39 instead of Windom

Windom is one of the capsule monsters which side with Ultraseven.

I love Windom best among the capsule monsters as he looks good.

They are the monsters from Nebula M78 and contained in the capsules Dan Moroboshi carries with him.

They fight against enemies on behalf of Ultraseven when Dan can’t turn into Seven for some reason.

Three capsule monsters in total appeared in UltrasevenWindom, Miclas and Agira.

Episode 1

Although Windom looks like a robot, he’s set to be a monster from Planet Metal of Nebula M78.

But, as Dan referred to Windom as having an electronic brain in Episode 24, that makes me wonder what kind of life form he is.

Is the mechanical-looking body his real form or something like an armor he wears? Or could he be a cyborg monster?

Thinking of it keeps me awake all night!  😀

Episode 24

Windom’s weapon is laser shot he fires from the lamp on the head, and the lamp is also his weak point which was attacked every time.

In Episode 1, he was returned to the capsule after being beaten with the lamp shot by the beam from the opponent.

In Episode 24, Alien Cannan deranged his electronic brain by shooting the lamp with a beam attack and made him battle with Seven.

And, sadly enough, he was finally destroyed in explosion by Alien Guts in Episode 39 who also shot his lamp with a beam.

Episode 39

Uenishi Seven

Ultra Seven & Capsule Monster Windom

It might be unthinkable that an ordinary actor plays as a suit actor today.

But that’s what happened to Satoshi (Bin) Furuya, actor for Ultraman.

As he’s not an action actor, it’s only natural that he was unfamiliar with playing action scenes.

The unfamiliarity, maybe unexpectedly, helped to create actions unique to the original Utraman.

And that surely made it look all the more like an alien.


Furuya Ultraman definitely remains the true Shodai Ultraman along with Uenishi Seven, which is the original Ultra Seven played by the original actor Koji Uenishi.

In the case of Mr. Uenishi, as he was an action actor specializing in sword fighting for samurai movies, he displayed his ability to play action scenes to the fullest in acting Ultra Seven.

Though Uenishi Seven is much shorter than Furuya Ultraman, mighty- and strong-looking Seven was as much attractive as Ultraman.


Tohl Narita was anxious to have Mr. Furuya play Ultra Seven after Ultraman though it was not realized.

But, once we’re familiar with Uenishi Seven, it may give us a feeling of strangeness if Seven is tall and slender like Ultraman.

Each one of them played the Ultra heroes as an actor with the face covered by the mask.

But I think they played Ultraman and Ultra Seven excellently and uniquely.

Ultra Eye is gone!


Dan cannot transform back into Ultra Seven without Ultra Eye.

Therefore, cunning aliens always target it.

Why wouldn’t they end Dan to save the trouble of stealing Ultra Eye?

Just forget about it!

It thrilled us to see Dan unable to become Seven with Ultra Eye unavailable.


Dan captured by U-tom

“Ultra Eye is gone!”

This dialogue of Dan when he noticed the absence of it remains in our memory.

U-tom (pronounced as you-tom) appearing in Episode 17 “Underground: Go! Go! Go!” are the life-sized robots which guard an enigmatic underground city.

Dan is captured by them and gets shackled where Ultra Eye is apart from him.

Dan gets it back by bringing it to his side by remote control function of the UG belt.


“This function was only for this time and left unused afterward somehow.

I wish that would have saved Dan the trouble having Ultra Eye stolen or lost.”


Alien Poll

Koji Moritsugu says in his memoir as above.

In Episode 25 “Showdown at 140 Degrees Below Zero,” Dan loses Ultra Eye in the snow field generated by Alien Poll in their plot of “The Third Ice Age.”

Before Dan managed to find out Ultra Eye in snow, Capsule Monster Miclas fought against Gander Alien Poll control.

The monsters of “Ultra Seven” are mostly space monsters used by master aliens as their pawn.