Designer: undescribed
Sculptor: undescribed
Actor: Tesuo Yamamura; Teruo Aragaki (depending on the episode)
Voice: Junko Hori (actress)

Chamegon is another kaiju ( : pleasant beast) who regularly appeared in “Kaiju Booska” after he showed up for the first time in Episode 26 “The Birth Of Chamegon” of the show.

Booska drawing an imaginary picture of his younger brother wishing to have one

He was brought into being as Booska’s younger brother through an apparatus invented by Daisaku, who also gave birth to Booska, and called the “Object Transmission Formation Device (or something like that in English)” while Booska dreamed of having a younger brother (it sounds familiar to me, too!).

Chamegon originated as a space monster from atoms of an amorphous-looking space creature that accidentally came into the device through which a squirrel put inside was supposed to turn into another kaiju so that the space creature and squirrel merged into Chamegon.

Mysterious space creature plunging into the machine with a squirrel inside

While the Japanese informal word “chame /chahmeh/” (usually used as “ochame /ochahmeh/”) means “amusingly mischievous,” Chamegon often causes a fuss among people as he likes to play pranks.

Although he initially had a stubborn, selfish streak with too much pride and a slight lack of common sense which sometimes made him behave arrogantly as it often gave Booska a hard time to deal with him, he is another gentle, friendly kaiju at heart, and that made it more likely that he helped people out of trouble in cooperation with Booska for the later episodes.


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