Just like Booska, Chamegon also has various super abilities inherently.

First of all, it is one of Chamegon’s greatest features that he can change himself into anything by eating a walnut and turning around although it had hardly any effect on Booska who has a keen sense of smell which enabled him easily find out Chamegon whatever he has changed into.

While he has no flying ability, Chamegon runs at a high speed (100 meters in 5 seconds) and also has an extraordinary jumping ability.

He has an antenna on top of his head with a sphere shaped like a bell at the tip that works as a radar while he hates it being touched, and he can fire electricity attack from his tail.

As he originates from the mixture of a space creature and a squirrel, Chamegon is capable to act in space without any space suit.

As Booska dislikes tortoises, Chamegon hates frogs.

Booska and his younger brother Chamegon have been the two greatest kaijus (pleasant beasts) for those in my generation while a long time has passed since they first appeared in front of us when we were kids as their cute-looking gestures and behaviors continue to fascinate me even now along with the comical but heartwarming story of each episode.

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    1. Thank you, I am happy to hear that!
      As the show had some more characters I want to let you know about, I will write about them in my upcoming posts one by one along with the outlines of the episodes in which they appeared.
      Hope you will enjoy reading them, too!

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