Charming Kaijyu molded by Ryosaku Takayama

Ryosaku Takayama working on Garamon

The collaboration between Narita & Takayama gave bith to a lot of great Kaijyu.

They are still popular and loved by many people.

Mr. Takayama’s molding skill seems very high to me.

Each Kaijyu looks so real and lifelike.

It is said he told art university students working part time for him, “You are making living creatures.”

It means you had better handle the Kaijyu suits that way.

Mr. Narita and Mr. Takayama.

I feel those in their generation may have particular sense toward life.

Tenderness for life, so to speak.

Takayama Kaijyu are never hateful.

They look cool.

They are lovable and even humorous sometimes.

And even pathetic.

That may not be something aimed at.

That may be something coming from his work naturally.

That may reflect his own life and the same should be true with Mr. Narita’s work.

It is said the Takayama Kaijyu were light in weight and easy to wear for the actors inside.

A few robots appearing in “Ultra Seven” look soft as they were made in latex.

I had a feeling of strangeness as a child, to be sure.

But they still looked cool.

It seems there were voices Takayama Kaijyu lacked massive feeling necessary for Kaijyu.

Toward such voices, Mr. Narita is said to have comforted Mr. Takayama saying, “Never mind. We make Kaijyu taking the actor inside into consideration.”

I feel their tenderness in humanity.

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