Episode Episode 8: “The Wild Monster Zone”
Alias Winged Monster
Height 36 m (118.1 ft)
Weight 15,000 t (33,070,000 lb)
Emergence Tatarajima Island
Homeplace Tatarajima Island
Features Strong wind by flapping wings: Sharp fangs
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Yukihiro Kiyono

Chandlar is a monster arisen by accelerated volcanic activity along with Red King and the other monsters on Tatarajima Island.

It has an appearance just like Peguila of “Ultra Q” with curved horns on top of the head.

There are some people who refer to them as ears and others as horns.

When reviewing it, they look line ears to me, but I don’t care which is which.


There is also an explanation describing Peguila and Chandlar as brother monsters. (I don’t care)

Or in a publication of the time it was also explained they happened to look alike with no particular relationship between them.

That reminds me of the story about Garamon and Pigmon I posted yesterday.

With no flight ability, the flapping of Chandlar’s wings can blow wind with a speed of 60 meters (196.9 feet) per second.


It’s such a strong wind as to make even Red King stagger.

Chandlar is as savage and aggressive as Red King and got Red King injured with a bite by its sharp fangs.

But Chandlar couldn’t compete with Red King eventually.

Chandlar disappeared somewhere pitifully with its right wing torn off by Red King.

Tatara Island’s Wild Monster Zone is too wild!

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