Charming Avan Titles 1

Each of the Ultra Series has its characteristic opening title called “avan title.”

It seems to be a Japanese coined word of French and English, and I don’t know the English equivalent.

Today’s Ultraman Series also follow this tradition.

I especially like the ones of the First Trilogy, “Ultra Q,” “Ultraman” and “Ultra Seven.”

The one of “Ultra Q” thrilled me most among them.


The marble patterns going round gradually turn into the title of “Ultra Q.”

The attached eerie sound effects were also effective.

The guys around the same age as me usually say that “Ultra Q” was so much scaring.

I absolutely agree and find that this avan title matched the series.

In “Ultraman,” it’s interesting to see the title of “Ultra Q” formed first in just the same way as “Ultra Q” though in color this time.


The title of “Ultraman” with the subtitle “Kuuso Tokusatsu Series” (Fantasy SFX Series) below appears as if it breaks up the title of “Ultra Q.”

It’s very much impressive.

The First Trilogy is categorized as “Kuuso Tokusatsu Series,” and it’s likely that the First Trilogy obtained the trademark registration as such.

Naturally, as “Ultraman” was a color TV program, the avan title was remade in color as well.

The sound effects changed into a different take.


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