Charming Takayama Monsters Accompanied By Life Force

Narita (left) and Takayama studying the cray figure of Antler modeled by Takayama (picture I love while borrowed from the Net)

I told that the kaijus modeled by Ryosaku Takayama give me a feeling of vitality or cause me to feel ‘life force’ from the entire body including the eyes.

I personally think that it is this life force that makes costume monsters look all the more attractive.

Every time I see them dying and closing their eyes after being beaten, I’m amazed to find it looks as if they were dying for real while the mechanism (operated by wires) should have been Shigeo Kurakata‘s job.


it fully evokes a feeling of sympathy for the monsters, and, in my case, there are even times when it brings me to tears.

I think it’s definitely a great thing that Narita and Takayama created monsters that could ‘perform drama’ this expressively no less than actors who played the human characters.

I find it conspicuous especially among the kaijus featured in Ultraman.

They were inclined to be portrayed as beings which have particular reasons to appear with their own backgrounds, not just showing up and rampaging in the streets for no reason.


It’s likely that the stories were prepared to fully portray these features, and Narita and Takayama created kaijus fully living up to the roles given to the creatures.

I think that the fervent acting performed by suit actors is also an important factor that breathed life into the monsters created by Narita and Takayama.

I believe that the unique forms designed by Narita gained actual life when modeled by Takayama, and, in the end, performed by actors inside.

All of these make me think their kaijus are definitely ‘art piece’ in every aspect.

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    1. Thanks! Right, the one beneath the clay figure is Red King!
      I do love this photo showing the young two (they must have been in their 30s) working together.
      Photos showing the two of them together are surprisingly scarce unfortunately..

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