Episode Episode 16: Garamon Strikes Back
Alias Space Mysterious Man
Height 1.8 meters
Weight 150 kilograms
Homeplace Planet Tilsonia
Features Controlling Garamons
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Unknown
Human Form  Michio Gina

Alien Tilsonia is the alien who was controlling Garamons.

While he seems to be described as Planetarian (as a human of a planet) Q in the script and is actually referred to as Planetarian and Alien in the drama, he is better known as Semi-ningen (Cicada-human) among us.

As the name shows, he’s an alien who has an appearance like a cicada in a transparent suit (he wears a business suit).


In disguise of a man who looks kind of androgynous, the alien took back the electronic brain to control Garamons from the Astronomical Physics Laboratory with the use of a remote controller.

While the man got a ride in a truck (sort of hitchhiked it) with a cello case that had the electronic brain inside and fled away, the radio wave emitted from the device called in a group of Garadams from space and made three Garamons appear out of them.

But, as the man was chased by Manjome and others and cornered near a lake, the electronic brain was recovered after a fight over it and the radio wave managed to be cut off, which brought the three Garamons to a halt.


After shot with a pistol, the man showed his true colors as Alien Tilsonia, but he ended up being executed in flames with a beam attack fired from their spacecraft that emerged from the lake.

Although the spacecraft flew away, it is stated at the end of the episode that the crisis is not over yet as long as we remain unable to destroy the electronic brain made of Tilsonite, which I find it really threatening.

The head of Cicada-human is said to have been remodeled into the one of Alien Baltan.


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