Cicada-human design drawn by Tohl Narita (the words “Alien N2” are found written above his signature)

Tohl Narita: (about the alien) “This is an alien who has a cicada’s face with a suit made from transparent vinyl.”  (about the spacecraft) “I wanted to form a spacecraft into a shape like a strip of paper going around.”

Cicada-Human also called Alien Tisonia or Planetarian (yūseijin) Q was a character Alien Baltan originated from. As to Alien Baltan, it is said to have been Toshihiro Iijima, director, who requested Narita to make the most of the Cicada-Human costume to create a new alien for “Ultraman” while it is uncertain.

Cicada-human head design drawn by Tohl Narita (the mechanism to move the mouth part seems to have been planned)

A more recent explanation tells us that it was originally planned to remodel the Kemur costume into Alien Baltan (both of the Kemur and Baltan episodes were directed by Iijima) whether true or not. It spurs my imagination when thinking what kind of alien could have come into being if it should have been carried out (Alien Zetton? Give me a break…).

It remains unknown why Planetarian Q ended up having a cicada’s face as it is hardly thinkable that Narita applied it to the alien while he didn’t like using a real creature’s features as they were for his designs given the alien’s face just looked like that of a cicada.

Spacecraft design drawn by Tohl Narita
The transparent (business) suit was also made by Takayama (with the help of Mrs. Takayama, I guess)

While the alien is found wearing a transparent suit, he might have been the first alien portrayed to be dressed with a space suit although it looked like a business suit somehow (Tilsonians appear to behave too atrociously for business people).

It used to be said that Michio Gina who acted the human form also played the alien, but it remains uncertain. When looking at the pictures, the thin body of the actor makes the alien look really great.

Although the spacecraft designed by Narita looks fabulous, the design was not used and a differently shaped vehicle appeared in the show while the same prop was used as the vehicles of Alien Baltan and Alien Mefilas. It is assumed among fans that it should be the most popular type of spacecraft available in space many aliens try to obtain happily.

Cicada-human head, as always, excellently sculpted by Ryosaku Takayama

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