Cicada Man and Alien Baltan

As I have talked about it so far, Kemur was a satisfactory job for Tohl Narita, Ultra monster designer, including the finished suit and the actor inside.

On the other hand, “Ultra Q” has an alien named Cicada Man (“Semi-ningen” in Japanese) with the face of a cicada (“semi” in Japanese).

In Japan cicadas are insects commonly seen in summer.

And the human-sized alien is also called “Alien Chirusonia (Tilsonia?)” or “Alien Q” and controls Garamon to invade Earth. (Episode 16 “Garamon Strikes Back”)


Looks like Mr. Narita had no special fondness for the alien.

In his art book, he just explains it’s an alien with the face of a cicada.

Talking about Ultra monsters, Alien Baltan of “Ultraman” should be best known among people.

It seems there are some people who regard it all too common now.

But, in one way or another, It’s actually very popular and I like it very much.


Unexpectedly, it seems Mr. Narita were not emotionally involved with Alien Baltan, either.

I hear he was asked by Toshihiro Iijima, director, to make use of a used suit of an alien which appeared in “Ultra Q.”

That was the head of Cicada Man.

According to Mr. Narita, Mr. Iijima asked him to give Cicada Man nippers (pincers).

And Mr. Narita drew the design as such.

Cicada caught by a kid

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