Clapton Changed Into Bostang

Clapton drawn by Tohl Narita from his art book

When I knew about Tohl Narita’s 3 principles in kaiju design, I have to admit I found it contradictory that he designed Bostang and Peter that just looked like a giant version of a stingray and chameleon-like lizard.

As to Bostang, I learnt later that a monster named Clapton (I don’t think it plays the guitar) was to appear in an episode titled ‘Oil S.O.S.’

After Clapton was actually designed by Narita, its puppet was modeled by Ryosaku Takayama.


But the prop was converted into a (giant) stingray when the episode was replaced by ‘Space Directive M774.’

It’s said that Clapton was set to be a monster which fed on oil, but the episode ‘Oil S.O.S.’ in which Clapton was to appear was left unproduced after all.

While Ultraman has an episode with the same title featuring Pester that is also a kaiju which feeds on oil, the Ultra Q episode left unproduced seems to be about a different story.

The primary design of Clapton

Although why Clapton was changed into an ordinary stingray (Bostang) is unknown, it’s presumably because of shooting issues.

It’s fun to see Clapton have a drill-like part on the tip of its head similar to that of Gubila of Ultraman.

In the primary version of the design, we can find a creature like a jellyfish was also drawn as Clapton by Narita.

Although both versions of Clapton seemingly remained in the range of the giant versions of real-life creatures, I feel like they could have been much better than just an ordinary stingray.

7 thoughts on “Clapton Changed Into Bostang”

  1. Clapton looks very nice. Rays are really beautiful animals with an interesting shape and I’ve seen more than one monsters designed with rays as their base. Even I’ve drawn one!

    1. Oh, sure. They are beautiful. I like to see manta rays, for example, swim gracefully in water! I know you are an artist, your rays should look nice as well!

        1. I know these monsters!!! I didn’t know Irimi Sakabashira and haven’t seen this picture! I’ve seen them as figure dolls released from Billiken Shokai known as the pioneering producer of garage kit characters including the Ultra Series.
          What funny monsters! 🙂

          Looks like Sakabashira is a manga artist and illustrator around my age and has some big fans of his own. As you pointed out, his works do have a very much Showa feel of the kind I love!

          Many thanks for the great pieces of information all the time!

          1. Yes! I tried to find a picture just like that one but I’m afraid these toys must be little known by now. That ray is just fantastic and the one monster in the background has a really nice head shape like a mix between Ragon and Godzilla (like the British kaiju “Gorgo” but better!). He painted it here:
            He has this surreal and psychedelic spirit that really creates some sort of dream-like idealistic version of the Showa kaiju shows atmosphere. I’m glad you liked!

          2. Hahaha, I’m so happy that I could die! This is another Showa monster! I looked up Gorgo on the Net and have found it attractive enough. Thanks again!

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