Comet Fukushin 2


“Now, let me fulfill my promise. I’ll take you who are fed up with Earth to the stars. I have taken quite a few earthlings to the stars so far. Look, there must be people who suddenly disappeared one day and went missing around you as well…”

These words uttered by Alien Perolynga might also require further explanation.

His lines remind me of the term ‘ningen johatsu’ I often heard as a child in the late 1960s that literally means human vanishment.

In human vanishment cases, those who got sick of their lives concealed themselves (for a period of time or for good) suddenly even abandoning their beloved families.


The word johatsu also meaning evaporation made me imagine some kind of mysterious phenomena in which people vanish like vapor before our eyes, and the imagination scared me so much. (Probably too much affected by sci-fi TV shows)

The theme ‘human vanishment’ was mainly featured in Ultra Q‘s Episode 28 ‘Open Up!,’ and Ultraseven‘s Episode 34 ‘The Vanishing City’ featuring Dancan should be in the same line although the entire business city vanished out of the heart of Tokyo instead of humans in the latter episode as if it hated to be there in a way.

Perolynga also used the word johatsu in his lines.


Anyway, his words should have sounded irresistibly attractive to Fukushin…

In the end of the episode, the work start sirens blaring out tells us Fukushin was already late for work and could be reproved by his boss again (alas!).

Same old days in the hustle and bustle of society.

Fukushin will be drawn to the stellar universe that night as well.

In the drama Fukushin said to the boy (actually Perolnga) he made friends with when the kid asked him why he’s watching the stars, “I want to have a star bearing my name in space. Comet Fukushin!”

I hope his dreams will come true.


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