Concerned about buddies

Zoffy worried about Ultraman

Zoffy: “I’m Zoffy, a Space Ranger of Nebula M78. Now let’s go back to the Land of Light with me, Ultraman.”

In the last episode of “Ultraman,” Zoffy identifies himself as Zoffy to Ultraman.

So Ultraman may possibly not have known about Zoffy till that time.

Zoffy talks to Ultraman who insists on remaining on Earth in an admonishing way.


Zoffy: “Peace of Earth grasped by the hands of humans makes it all the more valuable. You should not remain on Earth indefinitely.”

Boss of Seven also urges Dan (Seven) to return home.

Boss of Seven: “Ultra Seven, it’s time to get back to Nebula M78. […] You should think for yourself now. Remaining on Earth means your death!”

It’s interesting to find both Zoffy and Boss of Seven are more concerned about their buddies than Earthlings.


In short, neither Ultraman nor Ultra Seven were dispatched from Nebula M78 to defend Earth.

But they remained on Earth of their own will though, in the case of Ultraman, he did so in compensation for Hayata’s death he caused negligently.

By the way, it’s now pointed out Zoffy had his crest in black.

As I was informed, the dummy doll used in the flying scene shows it clearly.

I didn’t notice it at all. This is a discovery which deserves a great deal of admiration!!!

Dummy doll in the flying scene

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