Covers featuring B Type Ultraman

The covers of the “Weekly Shonen Magazine” and “Bokura” featuring the photos of B Type Ultraman are very much precious now.

These photos should have been taken by the publishers and the original ones cannot be seen today.

Incidentally, the Shonen Magazine continues to be published now, and “Bokura” (“Bokura Magazine” later) ceased to be published in 1969.


Getting back to talking about the photos, most of them must have been disposed of after the use for publication.

In those days no one should have imagined the Ultra Series would remain popular so long.

Looks like there are people who became aware of the beauty of B Type Ultraman by these cover photos.

The close-up photo of the B Type head is very much precious today as I haven’t seen any other ones but this.


The photo was taken so much close up as the eyes of the actor can be seen through the eye holes.

It’s uncertain if Satoshi (Bin) Furuya was inside for this particular photo though the others must have had him inside.

Because I hear there were times when an editor of the magazine got in the costume in place of Mr. Furuya for the shootings of magazine photos.

The trace of puttying can be seen around the mouth as well.

It’s interesting to see the paint uneven because the heads were painted with a brush in those days.

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