Still photo
Episode Episode 38: The Courageous Battle
Alias Robot Monster
Height 42 meters
Weight 30,000 tons
Homeplace Planet Banda
Features Feeding on automobiles
Designer Noriyoshi Ikeya
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Eiichi Matsushima

Crazygon is the space robot manipulated by Alien Banda.

Although the aliens didn’t appear at all in the drama, having used up their resources back at home, they sent in the robot to rob iron on Earth.

The robot emerged together with artificial mist and tossed automobiles into the opening of its body (usually closed with a shutter) under cover of the mist.

The private car with Anne and the others aboard also came close to being victimized, but Ultraseven who showed up saved them.

They were on their way taking Dr. Jugren, renowned heart surgeon who just arrived from Switzerland, to the hospital where Osamu, younger brother of one of Anne’s friends, was being treated.

With the shutter opened Crazygon drops cars into the body

Then the robot flew back to Alien Banda’s space station and let out the vehicles it had eaten through the docking bay. (When flying, its legs get contained into the body.)

After becoming aware that the robot came flying according to the traffic jam news, the Ultra Garrison had a false news report aired to lure the robot and make it eat cars loaded with explosives.

Although the plan went right and the space station got blasted, the robot was too robust to be destroyed and, after it flew away out of control, started raging ‘crazily’ in the streets.

And it made its way by chance to the hospital where the heart surgery for Osamu was underway by the hands of Dr. Jugren.

Crazygon docked with Alien Banda’s space station in mid air

While Ultraseven appeared again, the sturdy robot gave him a hard time as it bounced back any strikes, Emerium Beam and Eye Slugger.

In the end Ultraseven reduced to a micro size and got into the Electro H Gun with which Furuhashi was shooting the robot.

When Furuhashi fired the gun, Ultraseven was shot out instead of the bullet and destroyed the robot with a huge explosion.

The robot was just called ‘(Alien Banda’s) robot’ in the episode and was named Crazygon afterwards just like King Joe and U-tom.

I’ve liked this robot since I was a kid because of the unique appearance that made it look somewhat humorous and as I found it attractive that it ate vehicles one after another with its big nipper.

Crazygon firing a beam attack. On the eye-like parts and inside the hexagonal part you can find many turning gears

4 thoughts on “CRAZYGON”

    1. Great! Let me guess. The one should be Clevergon on the right hand side of your Crazygon. Skydon can also be found. And what else…I don’t know though I feel like I’ve seen him before somewhere. I say uncle.

      1. Yes, Clevergon, and also Skydon is a favorite around here, my wife really likes him (when a new monster arrives, she sometimes takes them from me immediately! ) That one on the left is Bazob from Ultraman Dyna. I read that he is a tribute monster to Bemstar.

        But about Crazygon, as I have seen this episode a few times, I like his very quirky appearance. There is something to be said about remembering that these shows are ‘science fiction fantasy’ and part of the fun is the creativity in design and execution of the monsters/aliens/robots. Never mind imagining being in a car that gets picked up and eaten by a giant robot from space!

        1. Sounds your wife is great! (My wife has no interest.)
          Yes, I thought he should be among the Dyna monsters. I’m not familiar with the monsters of newer series, but, if it’s a tribute to Bemstar, that tells me what he was like.

          Yes, yes. quirky must be the right word for Crazygon reminiscent of ‘fiddler crab’ (I also find this name charming).
          You have to be on alert not to be picked up by such a robot when driving!

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