DADA (making) #1

Dada design drawn by Tohl Narita

Tohl Narita: “It has three faces on a single face (head). I aimed at making the face vary properly according to the camerawork rather than showing the faces like a multi-headed statue of Buddha. I think of the depiction as what we need to work on better in the future.  It can be called an op art human overall. The illustrations of A, B, and C are the works I recently drew .” (*the illustrations drawn by Narita will be shown in the last of my serial posts to come.)

In my personal view, Dada was one of the most impressive alien characters featured in the original Ultra Series while he is just called “Dada” without any title as it is the name that sounds pretty unusual consisting of the simple repetition of the same syllable so that it makes the name sound more unique along with his zebra-patterned body design that makes him look like an abstract art work.

Enlarged head part of the above image

It is not surprising that his name sounds somewhat mysterious in itself as Masahiro Yamada, who wrote this episode, named him as such from “Dadaism” with a space creature to be thought outside of the box in mind.

The sounds like the pumping heart he constantly makes (it sounds like saying “dada” as well) and his creepy roars and groans also make him outstandingly mysterious in a different way from any other aliens who appeared in the series.

As Narita described in his art book, there seems to have been a lot of trial and error in designing the character and having Ryosaku Takayama sculpt the head.

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