DADA (making) #3

Dada A, B, and C illustrated by Tohl Narita at a later time

As to the body of Dada, a black wet suit was painted into a zebra pattern by spraying white paint on it while being masked with tapes so that the black parts could be left out.

The face of Dada specified as “Dada A” damaged by the shot of Ultraman’s Spacium Beam was apparently portrayed using an additional face with scars and burns whose eye parts left open attached onto Dada A’s face that remained intact.

As Dada appears to have been one of Narita’s favorite characters, chances are the alien had been newly illustrated by Narita as his art works (without the okappa hairdo) in later years.

Another illustration of Dada drawn by Tohl Narita

While Dada is one of my favorites as well and I like this episode with a mysterious touch also featuring Ultraman who was shrunk to the human size, it was a bit shame that the mysterious alien made himself look so weak as to be defeated even by Captain Muramatsu!

Come to think of it, the scene where Ultaman turned human-sized was somewhat misleading to us when we were children, and there were kids including me who wrongly took it as Dada’s attack by his Micronizer took no effect on Ultraman and as Ultaman reduced his size of his own accord to try to catch or fight with human-sized Dada.

It caused us to mistakenly think of both Ultraman and Ultraseven as aliens who could adjust their sizes freely. I assume there should still be people who are mistaken about it even now except ardent fans of Ultraman as they would say, “I dimly remember I have seen Ultraman also shrink to the human size in an episode.”

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    1. Oh, it’s only natural you thought that way as the scene could have been a bit misleading probably because it was portrayed as if Ultraman dispersed (hope this is the right word for it) the ray Dada fired at him with the Micronizer and went at the human-sized Dada after he shrunk himself to capture the alien leaving the Micronizer rays ineffective, whereas the scene was meant to be that the Micronizer reduced Ultraman to a human size.

      I’m glad that this entry helped to clarify it! 🙂

      Thanks for your reply!

  1. This is an excellent illustration, Pisit!I like how the striped design extends out from the face.

    The Dada were so eerie to me as a kid. In addition to the face design, I think it was also eerie how the larger head and skinny body seemed to be of different proportions, and also the Dada suit actors’ expressive performances.

    1. Yes, his illustration is really great!

      Yeah, Dada looked so eerie. I remember I found the scenes extremely horrifying as a kid where the male official of the laboratory impulsively shut himself in the room surrounded by the “special heavy metal” whose door Dada was trying to open forcefully and where Muramatsu and Akikawa were driven into the corner by Dada who ended up gradually vanishing in front of them!

  2. I often wonder, Why do we like and interested in the same issues about ultraman? Same as you,this was one of my favorite episode. We have seen Ultraman in human size And in outdoor lighting. Once I used to imagine myself to be an ultramancomic artist and drew a title page of this episode as the picture I recently posted.

    1. You can say that again, Pisit-san! I feel it’s always amazing how much our preferences are alike and how much we can share about these tokusatsu things!

      Your drawing is just fabulous with a lot of features that fully remind me of the mangas we used to have back then! The Type B Ultraman you drew is really fantastic with the features typical of the Type B including the crest subtly curved upwards at the top!
      This is a cover page that drives me into reading the content that could follow it!

      Thanks for sharing this great drawing! I really love it!!!

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