Dada A
Dada A
Episode Episode 28: “Human Specimens 5 & 6”
Alias Three-faced Mystery Man
Height 1.9 – 40 m
Weight 70 kg – 7,000 t
Emergence Cosmic Ray Research Institute
Homeplace Planet Dada
Features Three-faced; psychic abilities; collecting human specimens
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Kunio Suzuki

Following Alien Baltan including Baltan II and Alien Zarab, Dada is the third alien appearing in “Ultraman.”

It’s just called Dada instead of Alien Dada somehow.

He occupied the Cosmic Ray Research Institute and collected human specimens for an unknown reason.

The alien has three faces (usually described as A: B: C) to make it likely there are three of them.

He makes odd sounds like heart sounds all the time.

Dada B
Dada B

Dada has a boss back on his home planet with whom he always contacted through the screen of a communication device.

The boss called him Dada 271 (two-seven-one) and told him to finish collecting 6 human specimens by 222 (two-two-two) at Dada Time.

Dada has various psychic abilities enabling him to get through a wall, to teleport, to possess a human and so on.

He used a device he called Micronizer to shrink people (not to the micro level, though).

He already collected 4 human specimens from among the personnel of the Cosmic Ray Research Institute.

Dada C
Dada C

And then he targeted Akikawa, female engineering official of the Central Space Atomic Energy Research Institute, and Cap. Muramatsu of the SSSP as the 5th and 6th human specimens.

He even tried to micronize Ultraman though it ended up shrinking Ultraman ony to a human size.

Ultraman giganticized himself back to the normal size immediately.

Dada was no match for Ultraman in a battle and beaten to a pulp by Ultraman.

There’s no word on what happened to the staff members collected as human specimens.

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