Episode Episode 31: The Devil Who Dwells in a Flower
Alias Space Bacterium
Height 1 millimeter
Weight 1 gram
Homeplace Space
Features Parasitizing human body to suck blood
Designer Noriyoshi Ikeya
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Tetsuo Yamamura

Dally is a pinkish tiny creature called Space Bacterium that is fond of fibrinogen (a protein produced by the liver) of human blood.

It creeped into the body of a girl named Kaori (played by Keiko Matsuzaka) when she smelled the creature’s egg shell mistaking it for a flower petal which fell down to her.

And the space creature parasitized her lung to suck her blood.

When she fell unconscious after smelling the shell and got hospitalized, Amagi donated his blood due to her special blood type.

Moreover, the parasitic creature turned her into a vampire.

Ultraseven in human body

Although she was admitted into the TDF Medical Center, the doctor found today’s medical treatments would not be able to cure her while Amagi desperately begged him to save the helpless girl.

Dan decided to challenge the unknown world inside the human body like a small universe by getting in there after transforming into Ultraseven and shrinking himself to ‘micro size.’

While, disturbed by defensive functions of the human body and Dally’s attacks, Ultraseven was thrown into a crisis, he was saved by medicine injected from outside.

Seven found Dally

After shot down by Emerium Beam off the blood veins, Dally was melted away in foams produced by Ultra Bubble emitted from Ultraseven’s left hand.

With the defeat of Dally, Kaori managed to recover and, needless to say, that made the Ultra Garrison members including Amagi extremely happy.

Dally is the first Ultra monster designed by Noriyoshi Ikeya.

I find it a bit shame that the suit showed the human shape with the actor on all fours inside, but I love the big-eyed head with the upper jaw like a stag beetle and the lower one like a longicorn beetle.

It was named after Salvador Dali, Spanish famous surrealist painter.

As you can see, this episode was produced apparently under the influence of the 1966 US movie ‘Fantastic Voyage.’

Seven to emit  Ultra Bubble with Beam Lamp blinking

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