Dan in a dilemma

Dan caught in a dilemma (Episode 26)

In contrast with Hayata of “Ultraman,” Dan Moroboshi of “Ultra Seven” is portrayed more like a human. (Dan has his first name from the beginning unlike Hayata.)

In the setting, Hayata is a human united with Ultraman, and Dan is Ultra Seven in his own.

But Dan is often depicted more like an ordinary human in a sense.

He often gets caught in a dilemma between the aliens and the Earthlings.

And that troubles him a lot.


He gets at a loss over whether he should act as an Earthling or an alien.

Or which side he should take between Earthlings and aliens.

The world of the early Ultra is not necessarily the one between right and wrong.

That makes Dan troubled quite often.

In result, Dan has much more monologues to express his mind than Hayata.


“The Dark Zone” (Episode 6) and “Super Weapon R-1” (Episode 26) are about such stories.

In “The Stolen Ultra Eye” (Episode 37), Dan’s empathy with Alien Magellan, Maya, abandoned by her home is depicted.

“Ambassador of The Nonmalt” (Episode 42) presents a controversial story which could shake the identity of the series itself fundamentally.

It’s said such a profile of Dan reflects the identity crisis Tetsuo Kinjo, the main screenwriter for the early Ultra, had over the being of Okinawan and that of Tokyoite presumably conflicting within himself.

The age might not have allowed a mere hero any more.

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