Dan & Seven were drinking buddies

Mr. Uenishi and Mr. Moritsugu (center) with UG members and Tetsuo Kinjo (screenwriter, far left)

According to the production people of the time, Koji Uenishi was full of hustle as he played the leading part in “Ultra Seven.”

It is likely he was on good terms with Koji Moritsugu as Dan Moroboshi during the shooting period of the product.


Mr. Moritsugu says in his memoir he intentionally spent time with Mr. Uenishi as the relationship between Dan and Seven was important for the product.

He says he often went for a drink with Mr. Uenishi, and the two talked a lot about play or action.

According to Mr. Moritsugu, Mr. Uenishi was quite sincere and built strength very much saying, “The body is the biggest asset.”


In Episode 17, there are scenes in which Mr. Uenishi as Seven holds Mr. Moritsugu in his arms.

I remember what Mr. Uenishi talked about in an interview for a book published, maybe, in the 1980’s.


“Seven is supposed to be mighty enough to hold him up with ease.

But Koji Moritsugu was much heavier than he looked.

I took pains in making it look like Seven holds him up easily.”


Why does Seven hold up Dan in his arms?

I will talk about it later.

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