Dan’s superhuman ability

You may feel funny when I said I felt, “Seven is drinking coffee!” or something when I saw Dan.

But, in fact, Koji Moritsugu, actor for Dan, says he was in much trouble as he was told to act a spaceman, which is Dan.

Acting a spaceman also gave Satoshi Furuya, actor for Ultraman, a hard time.

Both of them say in interviews they were in so much trouble as they had no example.


I feel Mr. Furuya’s Ultraman succeeded in having the likeness of a spaceman.

And the fact I felt like Seven was drinking coffee or crunching a big rice cracker through Dan means Mr. Moritsugu successfully acted a spaceman (Dan) as well.


In the mean time, Dan has a superhuman ability even without the figure of Ultra Seven.

This is an ability Hayata of “Ultraman” doesn’t have.

Dan’s superhuman ability is … to crunch a big rice cracker? No, It’s not!!!

Dan can exert clairvoyant power and the ability to catch sounds earthlings can’t hear.

And he also has a keener sensibility than earthlings.


Dan’s clairvoyant power is expressed as he gets star-like shines in his eyes for just a moment when in use.

In Episode 2, the whole eyes gleam white, but it is said the expression has never been used since Eiji Tsuburaya complained it looked scaring. (Episode 2 was filmed prior to Episode 1)

I think giving such superhuman abilities to Dan was very much useful in making the drama more attractive.

Dan’s clairvoyant power (Episode 1)

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