Toru Narita, excellent designer for Ultra

Mr. Narita from his art book

There are lots of attractions in the Early Ultra Series.

For example, the characters such as Ultraman, Ultra Seven and Ultra Kaijyu are excellent.

Lots of fans are charmed with the splendid design and modeling.

In the Early Ultra, the character design was done primarily by Toru Narita.

Both Ultraman and Ultra Seven were designed by Narita.

Toru Narita (September 3, 1929 February 26, 2002) is a designer and sculptor born in Aomori Prefecture.

In spring 1965, he became a contract employee of Tsuburaya Production. And he served as the art director for “Ultra Q”.

For “Ultraman”,” Ultra Seven” and Mighty Jack(1968, Fuji TVhe worked on the design of the monsters, regular mechanism and Ultra heroes.

I think the success of Ultra Series owes a great deal to Narita’s work.

Narita participated from the middle of the ultra Q.

When Narita participated, there was a design drawing of “Peguila” by Yasuyuki Inoue.

Narita cleaned it up and it is said to be the first design work by Narita in Ultra.
Peguila was modeled by Ryosaku Takayama, whose modelling is highly estimated along with Narita in the Early Ultra.
Peguila is said to be the first kaijyu by the combination of Narita and Takayama, which attracts many people even now.

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