Design of Ultra Seven

Tohl Narita’s design of Ultra Seven (1)

I remember Ultra Seven’s appearance made me surprised when I first looked at it.

The upper body photo published in a children book with a caption notifying the start of Ulra Sven on TV looked just like a robot to me.

Completely different from simple-looking Ulraman.


The design of Ultra Seven by Tohl Narita also went through changes.

The first one looks just like an armored astronaut.

It is said Mr. Narita designed Ultra Seven assuming Satoshi Furuya would act in succession of Ultraman.

But, as it got decided Mr. Furuya was acting Amagi of Ultra Garrison, that made Mr. Narita disappointed.


According to Mr. Furuya’s autobiography, Mr. Narita begged him to accept the role of Ultra Seven, saying, “You are the hero.”

Mr.Furuya was willing to play the role of an Ultra Garrison member.

He acted Ultraman without any stand-in for one year, suffering from injuries or burns.

And fans of his wanted him to act with no mask this time.


After all, it got decided Koji Uenishi was to act Ultra Seven.

Mr. Uenishi was not such a tall man with long limbs as Mr. Furuya.

Mr. Narita said in life he adopted complicated design for Seven’s upper body so that it would draw more attention than the lower body.

I think both Furuya’s beautiful Ultraman and Uenishi’s manly Seven are attractive and I love both of them!

Tohl Narita’s design of Ultra Seven (2)

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