Hero never seen before

Before featuring Kaijyu on a full scale, Ultra Q Kaijyu were modest such as Giant Spider “Tarantula.”

Or remodeling Godzilla, “Gomess” was created.

Most of them had Toho (The film company of Godozilla) taste in a way.

After the participation of Toru Narita in Ultra Q, attractive Kaijyu were created one after another.

They were not “Toho-like-Kaijyu” anymore.

They were genuinely worth bearing the name of original “Ultra Kaijyu.”

“Garamon,””Kanegon,””Kemur-jin” and son on should be representative of Narita’s design work in Ultra Q.

Ahead of designing for Ultraman after Ultra Q, Narita had to create a hero which no one had ever seen before.

The hero is a spaceman.

Now as you are too familiar with the hero’s design which became the standard, you may not be aware.

But who else can come up with a design like that?

Heroes we had around that time were life-sized and wore a costume with gloves, boots, a belt and a mask like “Gekko-kamen.”

Gekko-kamen, which literally means “Moon Light Mask”, was Tokusatsu (SFX) TV series broadcast 1958-1959.

Even “Superman” is unexceptional in style.


That is the design required for Ultraman.

Narita’s agony is very much imaginable.

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