Design & Sculpture Of Booska

Booska Type A

While it is uncertain who designed Booska, it seems to be alleged that Tatsuo Fukada in charge of art of the show “Kaiju Booska” designed the character with many people who were involved in the production referring to him as the designer of Booska.

The first costume of Booska is said to have been sculpted by Tamotsu Sato while it was recently disclosed that he sculpted the costume of the first Alien Baltan when he was with Shimada Kobo (Shimada Workshop) that was located in the Toho filming studio as they worked for the art of Toho movies.

Sato says he made the first Booska costume after he had sculpted the Alien Baltan suit at the workshop.

Booska Type B

According to him, Booska’s eyes were made from acrylic plates and the crown was made of FRP cast out of the mold he sculpted (he says the crown easily broke).

The second and subsequent Booska costumes were made by Ex (from “expert”) Production that was involved in kaiju sculpting mainly for “Ultraman” along with renowned Ryosaku Takayama.

It had been known that two different types of the costume were acknowledged among fans while they were called Type A and B just like the masks of the original Ultraman. The type A Booska costume was made by Sato and Type B by Ex Production.

Booska Type C

Furthermore, it is known now that the costume had the other type called Type C while it should also have been made by Ex Production.  The difference between the Type A and Type B is obvious as the former’s head looks like a round triangle while the latter looks more round-shaped.

In addition, the Type A costume has a longer body with shorter legs and his lips are more conspicuous. It seems that the Type A head gradually flattened as thinner wires were used to support the head from within.

The Type C Booska’s head came back to a triangular shape with a broader white part under the mouth. That being said, it is realized that there were many different Booska costumes including the ones for stage shows as they appeared in Episode 37 “Startling Nainai Temple” of “Booska” as the shadow cloning technique Booska used.

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