Development of alien designs

After Kemur, which Tohl Narita says is quite a satisfactory work for him, through Alien Baltan he was not so emotionally involved with in result, he made various attempts in designing Ultra aliens.

Alien Zarab is one of them.

It’s an alien whose head unites with the body without the shoulders, which he says is intended that way.


Using a suit with an actor inside, attempts were made to hide the shape of the human body so that it won’t give an impression of an actor inside playing the alien to the viewers.

It’s interesting to see it have the hollowed eyes in a diamond shape with the eye holes in each center and the lines radiating from the center point.

It should be associated with the eyes of Ultra Seven later.

Tohl Narita says in his art book Alien Mefilas is an alien during a period when he got down to developing the design of aliens in full swing.


It looks so nice and it’s an alien I like.

Instead of a gimmick to give it motions which is presumably painstaking to install, it got an illumination.

The black-and-silver-themed body looks very much powerful and strong.

The design drawn in the same light is that of Zetton.

Both of them are commonly illuminated in the relay system.

It’s said it was designed as an alien first though it resulted in appearing as a monster (Space Dinosaur) in the drama.

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