Yoshio Kosugi as Akanuma

The “Ultra Q” episode that features Devil Child Lily was worked out in the stage when the series was produced as “UNBALANCE” prior to the title change that occurred in accordance with the show’s shift into a kaiju series, so it was before Tohl Narita joined the staff for designing characters.

This episode was a traumatic experience for most children who watched this back then including me.

The mysterious alter ego separated from Lily was so horrifying along with the scene where Lily and her alter ego were found walking on the railway track.

In the back row, Kenji Sahara (leftmost) and Akira Takarada (rightmost) as new actors debuted as “the 6th Period Toho New Face” (from Sahara’s book)

When I watched this episode again as an adult, however, I found the magician, Lily’s father, Akanuma who was played by Yoshio Kosugi (1903-1968) might be far more frightening than the existence separated from Lily.

Kenji Sahara who acted Jun Manjome in “Ultra Q” writes in his book titled “Wonderful Life of Tokusatsu (Subarashiki Tokusatsu Jinsei)” published from Shogakkan in 2005 that he himself found this episode so scary.

Sahara says, while Kosugi was an irreplaceable actor for Toho movies back then including Akira Kurosawa’s “Seven Samurai” (1954) with his impressive performance people would never forget once they have seen him in those movies.

Noriko Sakabe as Lily

Sahara goes on saying that Kosugi was also one of the strictest teachers they had at the Toho actors training school when they, including Akira Takarada who played the leading role in the first Godzilla movie (1954), had joined the movie company as new actors.

When Sahara saw Kosugi on the set for “The Devil Child” who greeted him saying “Good morning, Sahara-kun,” Sahara says he was just stunned without being able to say any words because, in addition to the fact that Kosugi was a strict teacher he learnt from, Kosugi’s unusual appearance as the mysterious magician horrified Sahara so much.

“Wonderful Life of Tokusatsu” authored by Kenji Sahara

Sahara recalls, every time Kosugi, dressed as Akanuma, looked at him during the filming, he came near to forgetting his lines in horror.

Sahara adds in the book one more thing that terrified him about “The Devil Child” was that the scene in which he rescued Lily on the railway track by a hair’s breadth was filmed with the steam locomotive actually rushing on the track toward them while it is unthinkable by today’s standards.

As to Noriko Sakabe credited as the kid actress for Lily, little is publicized and known about her unfortunately.

The back cover of the above book

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