Episode Episode 28: The 700 Kilometer Run!
Alias Tank Monster
Height 60 meters
Weight 70,000 tons
Homeplace Planet Kill
Features Dinosaur riding on tank caterpillers
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama (dinosaur)
Actor Kunio Suzuki

Dino-tank is the monster manipulated by Alien Kill who tried to rob the TDF of the high explosive Spiner alleged to be hundred of times more powerful than nitroglycerin.

As its name shows, it’s a dinosaur just placed on a tank, and, oddly enough, the body is legless as if it unites with the tank.

It’s a monster totally beyond comprehension that naturally makes us wonder why a dinosaur should be on a tank.

Dino-tank appeared in the Spiner testing site holding the explosive in its mouth.


Ultraseven could not attack Dino-tank carelessly because of the Spiner.

Its dash is so powerful and the tank ran over Ultraseven’s left arm.

It is also capable to fire a destruction beam from the eyes (I find it attractive that Dino-tank always blinks right before firing beams).

The artillery shells the tank fired and the dinosaur’s long tail that packed a hard punch also gave Ultraseven a hard time to the point where it made his Beam Lamp blink.

When passing above the Spiner that fell on the ground, however, Ultraseven made the Spiner explode by shooting it with Ultra Shot fired from his right hand.

And Dino-tank got blasted together with the Spiner.

gappaNow that I look at it closely, the dinosaur’s head is very much well made, but, as the ‘tank monster’ looked so absurd, I have to admit it disappointed me as a child along with Ironrocks.

Although the dinosaur was sculpted by Ryosaku Takayama, the tank is alleged to have been based on the miniature of the Type 61 tank borrowed from the Nikkatsu movie company that was used in their kaiju movie ‘Gappa The Triphibian Monsters’ screened in 1967.

Ultra Shot

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