Director Akio Jissoji #11

By the by, Hiroko Sakurai says Jissoji told her to get closer and closer to the glass showcase when the scene of Akiko Fuji pressing her nose onto it until she looked so funny by saying to her, “Closer! Much closer!”

Although there seems to have been a notion and perception among the staff to film an actress as much nicely as possible while Toho actresses including Sakurai were known for their neat and clean images, Jissoji had no qualms about breaking it in his unique way.

As Sakurai was also filmed with a fisheye lens in Ultraman Episode 34 with Skydon featured, it seems that she got mad about it when she saw the scene for the first time on the occasion of dubbing (the series were dubbed afterwards every time by the actors and actresses with no sound recording while acting on the set). Moreover, Sakurai writes in one of her books that Jissoji just said to her with a laugh when she asked him why he did such a ridiculous thing, “Because I had ever wanted to film an actress with a fisheye lens one day.”

While Jissoji was trying to pursue his own principles to realize his own images in filming, there were times when he ended up having truly unsatisfactory and dishonored results.

In Ultraman Episode 23 with Jamyra featured, even though the scenes where the SSSP members were informed of Jamyra’s true identity by Alan were filmed with location shooting, people around Jissoji saw them as the scenes filmed nearby as the backgrounds were too dark. For the scenes of Robot Commander sitting in the set designed to aim at the effect like the Ames Room in Ultraseven Episode 43, his colleagues asked him if he had filmed the scenes using a hallway of TBS.

Furthermore, for the scene of bamboo woods in the 1990 movie “Ultra Q The Movie Legend From The Stars,” it seems that his colleagues said to him although the scene was filmed in real-life bamboo woods, “What a luxurious set you made! It must have taken a lot of work and money to prepare so many bamboos!”

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