Director Akio Jissoji #12

Recently released Jissoji’s book with his illustrations featured titled “Ultra Kaiju Gengakan (literally Dreamlike Images House)

There seem to be many stories about Akio Jissoji’s amazing abilities referred to by many people who had worked with him.

Noriyoshi Ikeya, who had been very close to Jissoji as they formed a new company after Ikeya resigned the Tsuburaya Productions, said Jissoji’s knowledge about art was incredible and far beyond that of Ikeya who had worked as the kaiju designer for Ultraseven after Tohl Narita’s resignation. And Jissoji was very good at drawing too while I have a book authored by Jissoji with his own illustrations. Furthermore, a sort of his art book with his illustrations of the Ultra Series characters came out recently although I have not purchased it yet.

In addition, Jissoji seems to have been known as a fast reader who reads through a book or script so quickly while understanding and remembering the contents perfectly. Therefore, chances are Jissoji had a wide range of knowledge about a variety of things including art and music as his vast knowledge of classical music especially amazed people around him.

From the cover of a book authored by Jissoji I have with me titled “Ultraman’s Tokyo” as the title should be understood easier as “Ultraman and Tokyo” or “The Landscape of Tokyo Featured in the Ultra Series” while it is a book about the changing scenery of Tokyo with Jissoji’s nostalgia of what the city used to be

Nevertheless, it is said that he was tolerant to musicians contrary to his stubbornness towards filmed images so that, when Jissoji worked with Toru Fuyuki known as the music composer for the show Ultraseven for some other job, Jissoji allegedly told Fuyuki that it would be OK to play unskillfully and sloppily although I imagine Jissoji wanted something played in a relaxed manner instead of precisely prearranged one, needless to say, highly evaluating and relying on Fuyuki’s excellent skills as a remarkable musician.  It is also said that Jissoji had perfect pitch.

Ikeya seems to have described Jissoji as a man hard to explain to others as he had so many different characters that varied according to opponents that it made it likely for others to get him wrong as Jissoji often refused job offers saying there is a difference of “perspective” even though he was also a good-natured man who would happily accept offers from those he liked to work with saying, “Perspective? It doesn’t matter.”

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