Director Akio Jissoji #15

Silver Kamen vs. Alien Chigurisu (still photo)

While Akio Jissoji directed the two episodes #1 and #2 of the show “Silver Kamen” as it was planned by the TBS producer Yoji Hashimoto who was in charge of this show to have Mamoru Sasaki, Jissoji’s close friend, as the main script writer, and, through that line, Akio Jissoji was given the offer to participate in the show.

Incidentally, Yoji Hashimoto is known among ardent fans of the Ultra Series as the producer who told the Tsuburaya Productions to incorporate more drama depicting human relations even into their tokusatsu shows. It is said that that is why precise depictions of the human characters were featured in the show “The Return of Ultraman.”


Nevertheless, as his directed episodes were filmed hastily with little time for preparation, it seems that the Silver Kamen episodes Jissoji had directed turned out to be unsatisfactory to him. It is said that, while the scene of Alien Chigurisu being burned down was filmed ahead of the other scenes for #1, the fire caused by the gunpowder accidentally traveled to the costume, they were not able to use it for the other scenes to be filmed.

Therefore, the scenes including the ones that had the alien appear were filmed in dark to cover up the damaged costume. It is also said Jissoji went to the adjustment section of TBS to tell them not to adjust the brightness of the scenes.

This reminds me of another story about what happened to the “Ultraman Eve Festival,” the preliminary episode of the show “Ultraman” arranged by Jissoji and Yuzo Higuchi, another director for “Ultraman,” as it ended up being a total mess with so many accidents in which Ultraman played by the original actor Bin Furuya fell down the stairway on the stage when the hero dashingly showed up, Pigmon also fell down to the floor after tripping over a cable or something so that its head came off in front of the excited audience, and Antler appeared with the body part of its body worn back to front.

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