Director Akio Jissoji #7

Without learning a lesson from his experience of the “spoon incident” in Ultraman, Jissoji entirely featured things characteristic of Japan such as a shabby apartment with an excessive lived-in look and feel that doesn’t match the futuristic depiction of the world in Ultraseven and went to the extreme by setting scenes with Dan Moroboshi and Alien Metron talking over a short-legged table called chabudai in Japanese, sitting cross-legged on the traditional tatami straw mat in Ultraseven Episode 8.

While this episode has won a great reputation as a masterpiece today along with the witty ending narration alleged to be added to the script Tetsuo Kinjo originally wrote by Mamoru Sasaki or Jissoji himself, it is said that, due to this episode, Jissoji could possibly have got sidelined again as he was told by TBS to film period dramas (jidaigeki shows) in Kyoto instead of working with Tsuburaya Productions.


It seems that the filming crew shot the scenes laughing out loud endlessly at the strange view of an alien sitting on the tatami straw mat across the chabudai table (it was common to have meals at such a table in Japanese homes at that time while using a dining table in a western style room was getting popular).

Although another episode of his directed products, Ultraseven Episode 12, has been banned, it is unlikely that Jissoji was told to go to Kyoto because of the dispute this particular episode had caused as no dispute seems to have arisen when the episode was broadcast for the first time including the rerun aired at a later time.

As the show “Ultraseven” proceeded, the viewership declined unexpectedly and the Tsuburaya people came to have no choice but to make the series with a reduced budget.

It is explained that it was why Jissoji was brought back from Kyoto as the director who was very good at filming episodes without spending a lot of money. It seems that, with someone who had yelled “Get that guy back!”, Jissoji was decided to direct the two Ultraseven episodes as the end of the series was approaching.

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