Director Akio Jissoji #8

It is said that Akio Jissoji who was brought back from Kyoto was surprised to find the Tsuburaya Productions staff was so depressed and demotivated from the reduced budget caused by the low viewership the final season of the show “Ultraseven” had marked.

One of the two episodes he directed after he came back to Tokyo, Ultraseven Episode 43 “Nightmare on Planet 4,” was planned by Shozo Uehara, the script writer in charge of the episode, to feature many aliens and kaijus probably almost out of desperation under the title of “15 Aliens+35 Kaijus” while being fully aware that it would be rejected.

As expected, it WAS rejected on the grounds that the alien and kaiju characters were too many as over 50 of them would be needed. Instead, “Nightmare on Planet 4″ was produced as an episode having no kaiju characters appear conversely. It is said that Uehara and Jissoji had plotted to make episodes they wanted to make by initially presenting the idea of an episode hardly possible to be realized to the producers and, out of the opposite momentum, having them agree to whatever they wanted to make.


The story of the episode”15 Aliens+35 Kaijus” is alleged to go like this:

Alien Baltan who should have been defeated by Ultraman intruded on the earth. While Ultraseven tried to chase the alien, he used up his energy by fighting with the aliens and kaijus landing on the earth from space one after another and rampaging in every part of Japan or the world. It was the allied forces comprising the aliens and kaijus who had been defeated by Ultraman and Ultraseven.

Although Pigmon informed the Ultra Garrison of the allied forces’ attack, the team was no match for the aliens and kaijus. The moment Dan turned Ultraseven in spite of his severe injuries to stand up against them, Space Beast God (Uchu Jushin) “Gōdo” (probably Gode or Gord if it is English that should apparently have been derived from the word “god”) appeared from the sky, and he wiped out all the aliens and kaijus Ultraseven failed to defeat so he went back to the sky.

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  1. I recently found your fan site, and I love your focus on the three original Ultra-series shows: I watched them while growing up during the ’60s! I appreciate the inside and background information about the shows since I can’t read Japanese (despite having lived in Japan for 3 years as a child). I also enjoy reading your commentary: Your comments about the “time capsule” aspect of the shows rings true… Many scenes remind me of the small town where my Japanese relatives lived.

    Color TV wasn’t around when I was in Japan: I saw Ultra-Q and Ultraman (dubbed in English) in Thailand, and Ultraseven in Okinawa. The shows had a big impact on me: After all these decades, I still remember the names of all the monsters and aliens that I had memorized as a child! As an adult, my interests returned to collecting kaiju toys, but with better funding than I had as a child.

    I wanted to let you know that I “borrowed” a part of your picture of Beru seijin for my website– I’m trying to sculpt its head for a 30cm doll project. Seeing a picture of the actual suit being constructed was very helpful!

    Once again, thank you for your blog… I’ve started checking it regularly!

    1. Wow! Here is another guy we are likely to share a lot with! Thanks for sharing your great experiences that can nearly drive me into hugging you with tears of happiness 🙂 and also sharing the information on your fabulous blog and your wonderful project of sculpting a doll of Alien Bell!
      Yeah, I think it is a great point and feature of the alien how to reproduce the lighting part of the head, which should be a hard task too!

      Please come by anytime you like to check my new posts!

      Thanks again!

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