Director Akio Jissoji #9

Gōdo (top) featured on the cover of an issue of the tokusatsu-related figure magazine “Figure Oh (Figure King)”

Let me resume talking about Akio Jissoji from where I stopped in my previous post about him.

I remember the design of Space Beast God (Uchu Jushin) “Gōdo” was drawn by Noriyoshi Ikeya some time ago and featured in a magazine covering tokusatsu-related figures although I failed to buy the magazine at that time (a figure of Gōdo based on the design and produced in limited quantity came out from a toy figure merchandiser Billiken Shokai then too).

At any rate, I have to say Jissoji and Uehara were so smart that they plotted an episode they thought would be almost impossible to be realized with so many kaiju and alien characters to be featured as it led to the people concerned allowing them to make whatever episode they wanted without spending too much money.

Moreover, it is ironically interesting to find the episodes “Nightmare On Planet 4” and “The Boy Who Cried Flying Saucer (Here Come Flying Saucers!)” are seen as sort of masterpieces of the Ultraseven episodes now.


Personally, I feel like it is good to find that the episode “15 Aliens+35 Kaijus” ended up being left unproduced as it could have spoiled the concept of the show Ultraseven with the theme “aliens’ invasion of the earth from outer space” separately from the preceding show Ultraman as the rejected episode was supposed to have the aliens and kaijus who had appeared in Ultraman and Ultraseven show up together as I still have a notion that they are two separate series with no world to be shared between them except both of the heroes happened to be from Nebula M78, Land of Light.

That having been said, on the other hand, it is true that I slightly wish I could have watched the characters from the both series appear in the same show not in the form of such a cheep-looking show as “Ultra Fight” even though I have to admit I realize the cheep-looking tokusatsu shows including “Ultra Fight” are also attractive in their own ways!

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  1. Hi Booska! I don’t want to seem like I’m spamming your blog, but I just uploaded a page about the Billiken Shokai Godo kit: I didn’t even know the kit existed before I read your article, so you’re partially responsible for the purchase and my article, LOL! I like the monster design and think it’s a very interesting story behind the unproduced episode.

    I’m also glad the episode wasn’t produced. Although I enjoyed the 2009 Mega Monster Battle movie which has a similar concept, the original 3 shows have a very different feel. I believe this is because they, and most TV shows at the time, were made for a family audience. I think that began to change after Ultraseven and the shows began to focus their appeal on children, and later, fans. (That’s just a guess…)

    Once again, thank you for your very cool blog!

    1. Sorry for my belated reply…
      Wow! this is just incredible! Did you get it??? Your Godo looks so cool that it makes me hope to buy one!

      Yeah, I agree. It is a relief not to find the episode was actually produced as it could have mixed up the two universes of Ultraman and Ultraseven that had been differently dealt with so that it makes me doubt if the show Ultraseven could have won such a great deal of admiration as it has today.

      And I think your analysis is correct as it is true that the original Ultra Series were produced as “family-intended” shows while I referred to it in my previous posts although I have to admit the “appeal” felt a bit annoying for me in the later series as I wanted to enjoy the “tokusatsu” show thoroughly as more or less a fantasy.

      Thanks a lot for sharing your great work with us again, Jim! I really like your Godo!

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