Reborn Dorako introduced as Dorako (II) in the “Fantastic TV Collection No. 2” published in 1979

While Dorako uniquely had a red lamp on the tip of its tail, it can be found that it was instructed as such in Narita’s design.

At any rate, there are no other words left to say than excellent and fabulous about Takayama’s skill of sculpture that enabled him to make the Dorako costume look totally identical to Narita’s design reproducing the details and entire shape.

To be honest, I ever thought Dorako had sickle and tape-measure hands without noticing it actually had two sickle hands in my childhood as the sickle and tape-measure hands were described as such in kaiju pictorials that were available at that time.

Deteriorated Reborn Dorako used as a stage show costume

For instance, one describes the tape-measure hand as giving out a whip from it and another as a magnetic hand.

Regarding Reborn Dorako that appeared in Ultraman Episode 37, as it is well known, the appearance is so much different from the original Dorako.

Although it is understandable that it had no wings given that it was its “reborn” version brought back to life by the superability of Geronimon as the wings were torn off by Red King (II), it is not as convincing that it had human-like five-fingered hands instead of the sickles and that it had 4 horns while the original Dorako had only a single horn.

Dorako’s right hand is described as a magnetic hand in the 24th edition of “Kaiju Ultra Zukan (Pictorial)” published in 1971 (the first edition was released in 1968)

The statement made by Tetsuo Yamamura covered in a book revealed that it was Kunio Suzuki, one of the Ultra kaiju suit actors, who took the liberty of fastening the additional horns onto the costume for no particular reason at his discretion. And the additional horns were the horns removed from the suit of Imora that appeared in “Kaiju Booska.”

Yamamura says Suzuki was in charge of maintaining kaiju costumes along with his role as a suit actor back then. While this story might amusingly show the easy-goingness of the good old days, it remains unknown why Reborn Dorako ended up having five-fingered hands.

Incidentally, “Reborn Dorako” along with the other resurrected kaijus that appeared in this Geronimon episode used to be called “Dorako II” in publications although it was just called Dorako in my childhood with no particular specification.

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