Episode Episode 37: “The Littlest Hero”
Alias Comet Monster
Height 45 m
Weight 20,000 t
Emergence Mt. Oiwa
Homeplace Mt. Oiwa
Features Revived by Geronimon
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Eiichi Matsushima

Reborn Dorako is one of the monsters revived by the psychic ability of Geronimon.

The original Dorako appeared in Episode 25: Strange Comet Cyphon in which it went missing after beaten by Guigas and Red King (II) with its wings torn off.

Although Reborn Pigmon and Reborn Telesdon look almost the same as the originals (except the deterioration of the costumes with the passage of time), Reborn Dorako looks so much different from Dorako.

Reborn Dorako didn’t have the beautiful wings it had last time from the beginning and had five horns instead of just one it originally had.

And, oddly enough, it had five-fingered hands like a human instead of the sickle-shaped ones of the original Dorako.

Its reappearance with these unexplained differences made me feel strange in my childhood.

Although such differences were not referred to publicly at the time so much as today (with no Internet), we kids were fully aware of the differences.

Incidentally, the designation ‘Reborn Dorako’ was not used in those days, and it was described as Dorako II until recently along with the other reborn monsters.

Irritated by Reborn Pigmon hopping around to draw the attention to protect Ide, Reborn Dorako crushed the tiny monster to death.

And Reborn Dorako was smashed into pieces with Spark 8 shot by Ide who restored courage at the sight of Pigmon’s deadly devotion.

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