Episode Episode 25: “Strange Comet Cyphon”
Alias Comet Monster
Height 45 m
Weight 20,000 t
Emergence Japan Alps
Homeplace Cyphon
Features Sickle-like hands; flying in the air and space
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Fumio Ikeda

Dorako is the monster which came flying from Strange Comet Cyphon to the earth when the comet passed by close to the planet.

It’s a monster I like which looks really sharp.

The mouth sharply pointed forward, the sharp eyes and the hands shaped like a sickle look really nice.

The insect-like wings also look very much beautiful and attractive.

The tile-like black parts with white joints of the body makes it look all the more stylish.


It has a red lamp on the tip of the tail somehow though it’s not clear through the screen.

Seeing a space monster with a unique appearance different from earth monsters is always fun.

Dorako came down on Guigas from the sky.

While the two monsters were battling with each other, Red King II appeared and forced the way into the fight.

Dorako was beaten to a pulp by Guigas and Red King with its wings torn off by the latter.


While Guigas and Red King were fighting against each other, Dorako disappeared somewhere leaving its life and death unknown.

Dorako reappeared in Episode 37 “The Littlest Hero” of “Ultraman” as the one (described as Reborn Dorako in publication) that came back to life by the supernatural ability of Geronimon.

Though they are supposed to be the same individual, Reborn Dorako had a slightly different appearance from Dorako.

Reborn Dorako had its five-fingered hands, horns increased in  number and no wings.

Dorako vs. Guigas

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