Dr. Tsuchida (Yoshio Tsuchiya) Passed Away At 89 #1

Yoshio Tsuchiya as Gikan Ono in Ultra Q Episode 2

It has been publicized that Yoshio Tsuhiya, former Toho movie actor, passed away at 89 although it seems that he had already died from lung cancer in February this year.

While he has been renowned as an actor who played a leading role in such Toho movies including tokusatsu as “The Human Vapor” (1960), I find, as a TV tokusatsu fan, the roles he played in the Ultra Series were also very much impressive.

As to his roles for the Ultra Series, he played Gikan (technical official) Ono in Ultra Q Episode 2, Dr. Morita in Ultraman Episode 18 and Dr. Tsuchida in Ultraseven Episode 14 and 15.

The line uttered by Dr. Tsuchida about King Joe describing it as “That’s a great mechanism!” is often referred to in a joking way when the Alien Pedan’s Robot is talked about among fans.


It seems that Tsuchiya himself liked to play a weird character rather than a stoic one and that he proposed to act the head of the Mysterians in the 1957 Toho movie “The Mysterians” as he was drawn to playing an alien even though he had been planned to perform the leading “human” role that ended up being acted by Kenji Sahara instead as Tsuchiya insisted on playing the alien.

It is explained that, while the acting management section of Toho refused his proposal saying it is not the right role for him as he can’t show his face, Tsuchiya told them he would like to play the alien even if his face is not visible and that showing the face is not everything about actors.

Then, chances are Tsuchiya directly conveyed his intention to play the alien to Ishiro Honda, director of the movie, and his passion appears to have inspired Honda a lot.

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