Dr. Tsuchida (Yoshio Tsuchiya) Passed Away At 89 #2

Tsuchiya as Dr. Morita in Ultraman Episode 18

Tsuchiya also seems to have played the head of Alien Xs in the 1965 movie produced by Toho and UPA “Invasion of Astro-Monster” as happily as the equivalent of the Mysterians with no unwillingness to act while dressed as an alien.

The “Ultraman Research Book (Ultraman Kenkyū Dokuhon)” published in 2014 covers an interview with Tsuchiya in which he says he came up with the idea that the aliens’ language must be depicted to be translated into the Japanese language as it is unthinkable they, if they exist, would speak Japanese abruptly.

Therefore he showed his happiness about Alien Zarab’s portable electric brain capable of translating the alien’s words into Japanese when the interview went on with the scene of the episode being shown to him on DVD or something.

When the interviewer told him that he looked great in a while lab coat, Tsuchiya said, “Oh, of course. I was a medical student,” as he graduated from the predecessor of Faculty of Medicine of University of Yamanashi.

Tsuchiya as Dr. Tsuchida in Ultraseven Episode 14 and 15

In the interview, Tsuchiya also says he liked appearing in tokusatsu products very much and that he often went to see what was taking place on the tokusatsu set out of curiosity while acting for the drama part of the movie (the same is likely to be true of Kenji Sahara).

Eiji Tsuburaya who knew Tsuchiya’s fondness of tokusatsu seems to have been kind enough to send for Tsuchiya when a “never miss” tokusatsu scene started being filmed in the studio.

Therefore, Tsuchiya says in the interview he missed Eiji Tsuburaya when the renowned tokusatsu director founded his own company and started working on TV tokusatsu shows instead of movies.

Tsuchiya adds he wanted to support Hajime Tsuburaya, Eiji’s first son, and decided to appear in Ultra Q Episode 2 as it was directed by Hajime Tsuburaya while he still feels like Tsuburaya Productions is so close to him like his family.

Tsuchiya seems to have been an actor admired very much by Akira Kurosawa as well. It is so sad to learn about Tsuchiya’s death right after the death of Mr. Godzilla.

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