Drama part and SFX part

Mr. Koichi Takano directing Mirrorman

Naturally the honpen (drama part) to be acted by the cast members and the tokusatsu (SFX part) featuring the miniatures, the monsters and the Ultra hero were shot separately and simultaneously in the Ultra Series to save time and cost.

Therefore these two parts were directed by each director separately.


The scenes featuring monsters and the hero seem to have been left to the crew on the set with the details undescribed even in the script with only a word saying something like, “The monster has appeared. Leaving the rest to you!”

So the SFX part was left to the discretion of the SFX director on the set practically.

That’s why such a thing happened as Director Akio Jissoji turned out to be dissatisfied with how Seabose was directed in the SFX part as posted yesterday.


Koichi Takano (1935-2008) is known as an SFX director who contributed greatly to the Tsuburaya products including the Ultra Series and the others such as “Mirrorman” (1971-72).

Having started his career as an assistant shooter of Toho Company under Eiji Tsuburaya, Mr. Takano learnt SFX shooting directly from Mr. Tsuburaya.

Those who worked with Mr. Takano describe him as very much gentle and considerate with one mouth including Satoshi (Bin) Furuya, actor for Ultraman, and Tetsuo Yamamura, kaiju suit actor.

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