Voice: Kazuo Kumakura (the same sound effects as the SSSP control room can be heard)

This is an electric brain that appeared in “Kaiju Booska” Episode 32 “Wonderful Kaiju’s Day.”

The mayor of Hinode (sun rising) Town where Booska and Chamegon live with Daisaku relied on an electric brain for any decision he had to make even worshiping the machine while calling it “Electric Brain God.”

When seeing Daisaku’s father get a prize being awarded as a great father by the mayor on Father’s Day, Booska and Chamegon requested the mayor to establish Kaiju’s Day as well (in this case, kaiju signifies pleasant beast).

The electric brain and the mayor; the machine with its manipulaters is even capable to fire a heat ray somehow

While the mayor inquired with the electric brain, it made unreasonable demands such as to tell Booska and Chamegon to make smoke rise from Mt. Fuji or to make the Sun into the Moon, but Booska and Chamegon got through them successfully with the use of their super abilities and with support from Daisaku.

Booska and Chamegon even won higher reputation than the mayor when they were allowed to serve as “one-day mayor” while they tried to make children happy with their super abilities and devotedness although it was a measure the electric brain worked out to make the excellence of the real mayor distinctive.

Booska attacking the electric brain with his beam fired from his hands

When the real mayor (he is a good guy, though) swore at the electric brain for its failures, the machine started raging with anger moving by itself while giving out strips of paper that bound up the mayor.

Although the electric brain went at Booska and Chamegon, it was eventually destroyed by the team play performed by Booska and Chamegon along with Daisaku and his friends.

Ashamed of his behavior, the mayor swore in the end to devote himself to work trusting himself without relying on a machine’s judgement.

Chamegon also challenging the machine corageously with a hammer

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  1. Thank you for writing these descriptions of Booska episodes! It is enjoyable to learn more about this show. Looking at the pictures and reading your descriptions makes me think I would have liked this show if I had seen it when I was a kid. Thanks again!

    1. Oh, you are most welcome! Yes, you should probably have liked the show if you had seen it as a kid! As I have some more Booska characters to talk about in my posts to come, I hope you’ll enjoy them!

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