Enigmatic Ultraman Suit #2

Thus, are you ready for my guess?, the Ultraman shown in this picture could have been the costume with the combination of the duplicated Type C mask and the Type A body suit before it turned out to become, are you ready?, the Zoffy costume that appeared in the final episode of “Ultraman”!!!

Come to think of it, the eyes of the Ultraman in the picture appear to be positioned slightly higher than the authentic Type C mask while the eyes positioned somewhat higher than Ultraman is a characteristic of the Zoffy and Returned Ultraman masks! (along with that entry, you can also see this post about it)

Unfortunately enough, it is unknown when this picture was taken for what show and where this Ultraman costume came from and how it was made including whether this costume was truly the one that was made into the Zoffy costume finally as this photo makes the things more enigmatic.

Ultraman Type A suit worn by Bin Furuya (the unwantedly bright part beside the head in this photo exists all along in the publication. Sorry!)

If my guess is right, this picture can shed new light on how the Zoffy costume was produced to possibly revise the long-held idea that it was made exclusively for Zoffy rather hastily to have it appear in the final episode of the show “Ultraman” with a tight schedule while a possibility has arisen that the costume with the Type C mask duplicated from the original mold and the Type A suit put together DID EXIST EARLIER than Zoffy.

Or another possibility is that this picture includes the so-called Type D costume of Ultraman allegedly turned from the Zoffy costume into Ultraman to be used at events if it is supposed that the picture was taken LATER than the show “Ultraman” had ended…

As to the lodge shown in this photo with the name Kirigamine Hotel, the facility and business seems to have folded in 2011 with a huge amount of debt although it had been in business since 1951. Pertaining to my entry on the making of Woo, this bankruptcy story can indicate what has happened to the resort development recently that flourished in the 1950s and 1960s in Japan.

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