Everyone loved kaiju


As posted yesterday, it’s likely Designer Tohl Narita designed Jamyra unwillingly at the request of Director Akio Jissoji.

Not limited to Jamyra, looks like Mr. Narita and Mr. Jissoji had a conflicting opinion over monsters on the frequent basis.

Regarding Gamakugira (Gamakuzilla?) appearing in “The Pearl Defense Directive” (“Ultraman” Episode 14), Mr. Jissoji wanted to make the monster look nauseatingly bizarre.

But he found a monster far from his image on the set.


It is a monster which could look somewhat lovable.

Bizarre-looking monsters were against Mr. Narita’s principle of monster design.

Mr. Narita told he was in trouble with a director who required him to design something bizarre implying Mr. Jissoji in later years.

In “The Monster Graveyard” (“Ultraman” Episode 35), Seabose is portrayed as a lovable monster which sulks and acts like a baby despite appearance like a skeleton.

The play was decided on the set by the shooting crew.


Looks like Mr. Jissoji didn’t like it.

But, in later years, Mr. Jissoji admitted it did well to have all those monsters that way.

He also highly esteems the work of Mr. Narita.

Such individual characteristics among the producers as they provoked conflicts at times should have made the Ultra World distinguished and immortal.

Mr. Jissoji says in his book, “Everyone loved kaijyu.”


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